A trick from Sean Cody that made these gay for pays stayed hard (tip @ Hugh)

From Hugh (via email) “I came across an old Sean Cody clip where the guys get sucked off, but there’s a really brief shot of the girl they’re watching to get hard. I’ve seen scenes where there’s a laptop or TV playing straight porn, but this is the first time I’ve seen an actual girl masturbating in the background, which makes me wonder how prevalent a practice it is, esp. with studios that already have girls on the roster.

If you look at the first screen capture below, you will notice the two guys were looking on the right instead of the guys sucking their cocks.


The reason? The two were looking at the naked woman.


The scene was released last Oct 30, 2002 where it mentioned in the description “We got a pretty girl to strip down, sit off camera, and masturbate to give the guys inspiration. You can’t really see her, but that’s who the boys are looking at.

15 thoughts on “A trick from Sean Cody that made these gay for pays stayed hard (tip @ Hugh)

  1. that guy, marco?(the Latino)-he was in randy blue as well. But I guess nothing came about his porn work. He must have stopped after realizing he doesn’t like dick. He has a HUGE penis though.

  2. These gay4payers should have their paychecks dangled infront of them on a stick. Perhaps that will motivate some of them to give more convincing performances.

  3. Straight guys that can’t stand gay sex playing a gay sex porn scene to get their payment; meanwhile a ‘girl’ masturbates to keep them aroused…The quintessence of whoredom. I thought that a straight porn scene on a tv/computer would be enough.

  4. Wondering if this technique is also utilized @ CF-ACM. Possibilities may exist since they do have bi-sexual ACS.
    I can get a “boner” just watching ACS-ASHLEY, LAUREN, PAIGE, AMANDA and anal-taker TIFFANY stripping out of their panties. LOL!!

  5. That is such a total turn off for me. I don’t want to know or see if they are watching anything off camera. The worst are the ones where you can hear the porn playing.

  6. Obviously this is no longer how SC operates anymore. From what I’ve seen, SC must take hundreds, if not thousands of very-short takes from various angles just to trick their viewers to believe that their actors are actually hard all the times. Hours of waiting for the actors to get hard just for maybe 15 seconds on film. The sexual flow is so disruptive and manipulated-that’s one reason why after I watched many SC’s scenes, I hardly came back for them again.

  7. I remember Sean having said something about this in a write-up of one of his old videos. He said it was to break the ice and get the ball rolling. Plus I’ve seen some NDS (as well as some other studios) videos where the models are totally distracted by something off-screen. Hell, even Bel Ami is guilty of this. In their video with Sascha Chaykin and Jason Knightley, Sascha was looking off-screen several times while Jason was sucking him off.
    In anyway, Jason Adonis said it best: “Don’t believe for one moment that we’re hard for that long. There are means taken to make it seem that way including editing and watching porn on portable devices.” And he should know; he said this on one of his own videos while he was loading up porn on a little netbook.

  8. I don’t believe that their inability to stay hard for long is necessarily because they are gay4pay..Gay performers may have the same issue. Think about it–You’re in a studio with bright-hot lights shinning on you, several strangers are watching you, and even talking at you and interrupting to direct the scene, meanwhile you’re trying to have sex with someone who you may not even be attracted to, while worrying about camera angles, poses, etc.

  9. No, you are then considered an unskilled worker. Producers don’t have time for performance anxiety or “straight” breaks.
    You should show up to do your job, and not cause the production to go more hours than needed.

  10. While they were getting their dicks sucked, she was playing with her pussy thinking, “now, did I leave the oven on at home?”

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