25 thoughts on “Brandon is back at Sean Cody

  1. Welcome back, Brandon–Him, along with Calvin, are two of my favorites at SeanCody. I love the energy they bring to their performances.

  2. I hope Brandon stays with SC for a long time – he’s adorable. Wish he did oral in his latest video – he’s sucked before.

  3. This is a sensational video–Daniel takes Brandon over the top again and again. The star is Daniel, he bottoms like a pro and eats cum by the bucket. Five stars for Daniel, for Brandon not so much.

  4. Daniel looks-wise does nothing for me and he over-acts….comes across fake. :/
    Sorry, but the real Star is Brandon, despite his limitations.

  5. I’m going to add my 2% to Daniel story.And say Daniel never look good as a top man even dough he claim to be a str8-man I’m not so sure I believe that at all.Especially when he later said he wanted to be some one bitch? what kind of str8 guy wants to be another man play-thing or bitch! When he took his first cock from another guy he enjoyed it too much for a str8-guy on Sean-Cody porn site.And now he’s getting fuck by Brandon on Sean-Cody porn site for the second time which I must say he did a wonderful job to be a str8-guy because he make a better bottom guy than a top one.That’s why I believe he has found his true calling as a [bottom bitch] who love taking cock up his ass.After what Sean-Cody said on QueerMeNow post on Brandon and Daniel in which he made some { Confessionals} about the porn stars who have appeared on his porn site over the years.Some former porn stars on Sean-Cody said they were told to say that they were str8 when they are gay and other who later came out and stated they were str8 and not gay? My opinion is simple you decide!

  6. Love Brandon.
    But I hope he’ll bottom soon.
    All the boys who managed to get a taste of that beautiful brandon = so lucky…

  7. Ricky Sinz and Rusty Stevens used to inject stuff into their dicks so they could perform with men. So I assume that’s what the gay4pay people use.

  8. He seemed to love getting his ass eaten out and being fingered by Daniel. I’m sure he’ll bottom soon!

  9. OMG Brandon is gorgeous!!!! Does anyone know his nam? Message me if you do… hoyaboydj at gmail

  10. Brandon is not only hot but seem like a sweet guy. He is one of my favorite Sean Cody model

  11. To me the bottom is much more physically appealing. And if I knew more about him, I might be a fan. I’m not a brandon fan. Now IF he were gay and versatile, I would find him desirable. But he’s not, so I don’t.

  12. FUCKKK that shit i aint stickin shit in my dick. NEVER. This could not not pay enough im sorry it just could not. Just get a 3rd fuckin job already.

  13. Brandon + Daniel = one HOT couple. So glad to see Brandon is back and that Daniel decided to enjoy the bottom position again.

  14. I agree,with Von on this one. Daniel is ok, the grey hair is a little off putting to me, but Brandon is the star. Can’t take my eyes off him. Thanks SC for nringing him back, even though SC once again over edits their scenes. Argggg….

  15. I’m sorry but fuck that. Too many men in porn who are only “tops” and the shit gets old and stale. Oh look: Topher DiMaggio topping yawn, look: Paddy O’Brian topping zzzZZZ, look: Jimmy Durano topping again??!?. If you can’t bend over and take a little pain from time-to-time (not saying you have to bottom in >every< scene that you’re in) then I have no time for you. I’ll watch guys who are more flexible, even if it’s hetero-flexible.

  16. Yeah, at least Paddy’s pal Paul bottomed granted it was for Paddy himself. If Brandon does decide to bottom, I hope it’s not Taylor who gets the honors. Plus if he bottoms then Jess should bottom too along with Taylor. I’m not sure about Brandon but both Jess and Taylor are definitely cocky on the fact that they haven’t bottomed. I’m sure if they did, they’d whine like little bitches.

  17. BIG DEAL!! don’t want to see him again unless there is a dick pounding his ass

  18. Brandon is such a handsome man…would love to see him pound Troy and bottom for Jarek.

  19. BRANDON has it ALL!!…Looks, Smile, Teeth, Body, Personality, and a nice Cock. Now isn’t that a description of a PERFECT Porn-Star??
    I just hope Sean will be able to convince him to “Bottom” before he leaves SC or the industry.

  20. Oddly enough, I feel otherwise. He likes his ass getting licked and eaten but when Daniel fingered him, he flinch back, so I don’t know about enjoying the finger.

  21. Brandon is AWESOME! He is physically beautiful and muscular. He has kind of a shy smile and a great personality with a wholesome attitude. Brandon is one great kisser and affectionate topman who always gives a great performance. He and Joshua, Jess, Calvin, Grayson, Brody, Jamie, Jayden, Jarek etc are the reasons that I am a loyal SC subscriber.

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