Watching your scene while having sex for Josh and Dixon

I got this email from Terry with the subject "We've all seen some odd things in porn related to models watching stuff like straight porn during performances…" and the message "But today there is something very interesting about the Corbin Fisher
update that was just released: Dixon and Josh are actually watching
their Selects scene on a laptop while they're performing.

Last January, the first scene of Dixon and Josh was released by CFSelect.


For their second scene, this time at ACM of Corbin Fisher, they watched their first scene while having sex.


23 thoughts on “Watching your scene while having sex for Josh and Dixon

  1. You’re a bigoted idiot. Furthermore, how straight can he be enjoying gay sex? it’s called bisexual, stupid.

  2. I think if you watch this scene, you will see why they are watching themselves–Josh has a BF and so does Dixon.

  3. Well, if that’s the way he wants it, fine, to each his own. I just thought they have something here…it’s not unheard of.

  4. Josh didn’t look like he enjoyed the cumshot but this incident begs a question from me and if anyone has the answer then please let me know: Why are CF subscribers paying extra money for CFS? What is its purpose now? I mean, the main site now does BB scenes. Is it not doing them in HD which is what CFS is doing? I guess my point is that why pay extra for BB scenes on an extra site when there are BB scenes on the main site? Is the quality of said CFS scenes of that caliber, that quality that they heavily outmatch what the main site has to offer? Seems a bit pretty maddening to have to pay extra (although I’m one to talk since I plain on buying the scene with Taylor and Cain along with any scenes that Colby in them and the little outtake in which I think I may have spotted my Cole, too).

  5. Valid questions for sure. If you don’t mind me asking, have you tried posing them to the feedback link on the main CF site?
    I’m a subscriber, but I purchase very little from CFS – only purchase that which I will watch more than once, i.e. anything with Dawson in it 🙂

  6. Also, you may recall on this very blog a post that discussed possible changes coming to CF in the future. Seems like I remember someone saying they heard they might consolidate CF and CFS. Something to watch for.

  7. Does CFS recycle some of the older scenes from CF? I ask, because there was an update in april of this year, featuring Logan–a guy who, last I heard, was in a coma after being beaten almost to death.

  8. No, I haven’t. I guess because I’m not an actual subscriber (I’ve only purchased a few scenes from CFS; others were bonus videos I downloaded through Bel Ami during their collaboration for “Five Americans in Prague” back in ’09).

  9. I didn’t know I was able to do that. Sorry, not sure why but sometimes this blog will let me type a certain amount and then it won’t let me add anything else. Weird.

  10. I cant object to the gay4payers because some of them give better performances than the actual gay men. And that’s what porn is about–a performance. Whom they fuck in real life is not really my concern.
    Some of the gay performers could not suck a dick to save their life, and are rigid and stiff while being fucked. So it does not do me any good if they are gay in real life.

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