7 thoughts on “Two former Sean Cody + Gabriel Clark

  1. Gabriel Clark is super sexy. I love to watch the guy, especially when he is playing the dominant top role. His scene where he topped and dominated the hot Kennedy Carter blew me away.

  2. I wish Gabriel would go to another studio besides Cocky Boys…their videos seem so low rent.

  3. Wow, the oldest Colby Keller video at Sean Cody is from 2004.
    He’s been working in porn for almost 10 years and he is still a very attractive guy!

  4. He’s a major, major man and super artist. He, Paul Wagner (where is he, anyone know?), John Magnum and now Ryan Rose (aka Pierce) are major former SC models.

  5. Paul was supposed to have his own namesake site from NDS but I’ve only heard little things about it since it basically recycles old scenes containing him.
    Also, when you say major former SC models is it just the ones working for different sites or those who are probably still with one site? Because Roman (CF’s Aiden) is doing pretty well for himself.

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