8 thoughts on “Best update this week? Tom and Kellan at CF

  1. Phew Denz! Finally some other news from you happening in the real world. You may need to re-ask your dick – the consensus is still is Kellan. And that newbie Smith. Pwhoaarrrr!!

  2. Kellan is a hottie and I love his sexual vibe but yeah, Tom is my favorite stud at CF. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cum to his scene where he fucks Josh. So fucking hot. I want to see Tom with the newbie Smith next. He’s fucking gorgeous!

  3. I am Team Aiden all the way..He’s the reason I hang on to my CF subscription. I would love it if that hungry bottom was in every single scene CF put out!
    So, I take it that Connor is no longer the fan favorite???

  4. Does Tom still have the man boobs? I can’t tell from these pics. I always thought he was a cheap knock-off of Jeff.

  5. I don’t know why I love Tom but I do. He may not have the best body and I usually don’t like blondes but for whatever reason he does it for me. I love his smile.

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