Are they really lovers? Tomas Friedel and Radim Hajek

From Kristen Bjorn with regards to his Lover’s Lane series “The condomless scene featured in this film is performed by a real life couple of the same HIV status who are in a long term, committed relationship.


The lastest scene [gallery] released of Lover’s Lane is the pair-up of Tomas Friedel and Radim Hajek.


Did Radim Hajek broke up his long term committed relationship with Lucas Pribyl? The two had a bareback scene for Strangers in Prague [gallery].


Speaking of Strangers in Prague, did Kristen Bjorn had a change of policy of filming bareback scenes within Lover’s Lane? This was the observation of Bo when he watched the first scene of Strangers in PragueWhat is very interesting is that the Brazilians wind up fucking Lukas, and use condoms, but then they wind up fucking each other bareback (one breeds the other) and Radim fucks Lukas bareback as well and breeds him and then Lukas feeds his load to the Brazilian bottom.  What is unusual for Kristen Bjorn is that he has used barebacking only on his site’s “Lover’s Lane” section which is supposed to be for life partners and other well tested men.  Is this a change in policy and direction?

Same scene, with and without condoms.


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  1. I LOOOOVE Thomas Friedl (Thomas Ride, Zack Hood…and all his other names) Czech porn actually does a bit of this condom trickery as well, sometimes the scene will start with a condom, but magically the condom goes away… the USMale movie “shopaholics” has a scene like this with Felipe Hrabik (I miss him a lot) I would like to think Tomas and Radim dated.. but who knows?

  2. Both these scenes were filmed in William Higgins’ studio in Prague. The talk about “a long term, committed relationship” is to appease the critics of bareback gay porn. The reason why Lucas was fucked condomfree by Radim and with condom by the Brazilians (?) seems obvious to me so I’m not going to explain that further. Or Lucas demanded condoms when fucked by a non-Czech model. Or William Higgins demanded it just like George Duroy demanded it when some of his models did scenes for Kristen Bjorn.

  3. I don’t think Thomas’ wife would be happy about that… unless she likes threeways.
    The overwhelming majority of Czech porn models is straight so don’t get your hopes up too high. Ennio Guardi recently got married to Czech porn model Natalie Cherie ….

  4. For once I’d like a company other than of course the awesome TIM to say: “We film bareback scenes because we know it sells, the performers consented and were tested with informed consent, AND it’s hot as shit!”

  5. Freidel, aka Zack Hood is all over Big Daddy being BB’d by various guys. Same with Pribyl. Doubt any of these guys are in a committed relationship with another male porn dude It’s as Alias74 says. When it “cums” to this subject. there is NO truth in advertising

  6. I have never once found Tomas Friedel attractive at all. His BF/ex-BF, on the other hand, is pretty fine.

  7. I was glad to se Tomas Friedel fucked. I had only seen him on the BiToTheMax site, and while he fucked, sucked dick, and had sex with men and women at the same time, I never saw him fucked on that site. I kinda get a kick out of that site where a hot guy will be fucking a broad, and another guy will just walk up behind him and start fucking him at the same time. I would have liked to see Friedel fucked like that.

  8. On the Big Daddy site, Hood/Freidel is mostly a bottom. I’ve seen him bottom on VOD sites too. I think he’s hotter as a bottom. I haven’t seen him take any loads though

  9. So you do believe that these guys are straight, even having nothing to prove that, but you don’t believe when the producers of the video state that they have a relationship with men?
    That’s really nonsensical.
    Dude, there’s no gay-for-pay thing, straight men having sex with men. That’s AS MUCH as a marketing strategy as stating that the actors of the video have a committed relationship. Spare me, please.

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