11 thoughts on “The model in Alexander of SC (tip @ Defiant)

  1. Why does this site post photos of guys who have done or are doing gay porn along with photos from their portfolios at non porn modeling studios like Preferred Studio? As a friend of gay porn are you just trying to advance their careers?

  2. The thing I don’t understand is why this site is always telling us about these porn stars outside ‘hobbies’ yet doesn’t want anyone to say anything else. I mean be consistent in concealing there identities by NOT telling us about their lives (stu’s modeling career, solomons arrests, etc), but don’t bitch when someone reveals their names.

  3. The proper guideline for this is simple: If someone uses a different name in porn, and doesn’t put out the content regarding his other “hobbies” or professional activities by himself, you should not post it.
    Why? Because if he wanted everyone to know all the details, he would have chosen to do porn under his real name.

  4. If you don’t want people to know you do porn, then don’t do porn. Very simple. There is a good possibility that he was recruited off of Model Mayhem to begin with.

  5. Very true. In a thread a while back on here, someone said that MM was the Myspace/Facebook for beautiful people but, honestly, it’s the place to begin your porn career. I’ve seen several porn stars out there including Robert Craig, Var Matthews (RB’s Max Rider), Niko Reeves and that’s only naming a few along with several Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher models.

  6. Someone is eventually going to recognize you and many people make it their mission in life to deliberately out everyone. Your choice, so think twice and don’t be surprised if there’s consequences. It may be now or five years from now. That stuff will show up on all kinds of sites, blogs, tumblr, etc, for years to come.
    It’s mind boggling the number of men who make porn or at least get naked on the internet. There’s all kinds of self pix sites and even military men post nude pix. Men seem to be getting a rush or something from posting pix of their junk online. It’s like no one thinks anything of it anymore.

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