First time bottom for Truman of Corbin Fisher (tip @ GMan)

When Truman first appeared at Corbin Fisher, he was not new to gay porn. It was already his third porn name. He already used the names Kent and Jon.


But, it was the money of Corbin Fisher that made Truman do more in gay porn. He did top Brayden and now he got to experience what it was like to get fucked. For his first, the honor went to Kenny.


Truman also do live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. He was last online last February 04, 2014.


17 thoughts on “First time bottom for Truman of Corbin Fisher (tip @ GMan)

  1. Kenny? what a fricking waste of hot guy!! omg
    This is another reason why people are unsubscribing CF.

  2. As a long time fan of CF, and on the fence about un subscribing, what irks me is that CF has getting edited so start right in the middle of either fucking or oral ex. The attraction of the older CF was its small chat between the models, the anticipation of watching clothes removed while the models make out. That is gone in 2014. Maybe people felt it was boring, but to me the lead up is 100 times more sexier than opening with a dick sliding in a hole. Sean Cody made a similar move for years, but brought it back. I subscribe to SC and seriously thinking of dropping CF , wait until the get better and then come back.m. The Kenny Truman scene starts out with a lackluster massage by Kenny. Bring back the hot amateur feel of guys actually seeming like they are anticipating sex rather than boring trade doing a job.

  3. Tepid fucking is pathetic, which sadly defines far too many of CF’s recent videos. So does less-than-attractive new performers. Ick. I canceled my subscription. Aiden’s new ACS scene was pretty good though, but it’s kinda hard for a gay guy like me to watch a guy fuck a gurl. The least I have to do with those is mute my speakers.

  4. Not a Kenny hater, but after over 40 videos since August 2009, I think it’s time for him to move on somewhere, anywhere, please…
    What’s needed even more at CF is a new production team. Everything is just too stale. Just because a video is bareback doesn’t guarantee that it will be hot, or even interesting. They really need to shake things up.
    And what I dislike is the recent changes CF have made so my download manager doesn’t work with their site anymore. Downloads are now taking much longer.

  5. Denz…thanks for not posting the studio hi-res shot of Kenny entering Truman that showed off Kenny’s weird skin tag/roiddy hole (!). Not pretty.

  6. Great pairing, Kenny and Truman looked hot together. I think Kenny was a good choice to take Truman’s cherry.

  7. I’m not a big fan of Kenny, but I also think it’s unfair to a model and his fans to call for his retirement (if that’s what is being suggested here). There’s a number of guys in this industry that should be able to retire on their own terms and Kenny is one of them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen much in this industry.

  8. Agreed. I much rather have Kenny or Josh around than some others. I am still a Kenny fan after all these years. :).

  9. I agree this is a good scene and Kenny is an alright performer. So what he,s not the best looker, but his not bland either.

  10. Truman is really cute. I agree with Karstan, starting a scene with clothed models and a chit chat is sexier than just opening with sex. As for Kenny, maybe he is a good performer, I have no idea because I don’t pay attention to him, he has been overused. It’s strange when you see a studio using not so popular models over and over again when they have better looking models who also suck, top and bottom but who are rarely featured.

  11. Not a Kenny fan (though I do like him) but his 40 videos, as you put it, is a pale comparison when it domes to Dawson’s 100+ videos. Hell, there are porn stars with a whopping 200 or more scenes.

  12. Prime example of someone being forced into retirement before his time, despite his 150+ scenes with CF. Love that guy and miss him like crazy.

  13. I’ve really gotten off (several times) on watching Kenny ‘develop’. He epitomizes the ‘innocence corrupted’ meme that, for me, is at the heart of CF’s appeal: the boy-next-door with a serious dirty streak!
    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed . . .

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