Notes from Alias74 on Noel and Dennis of SC

FROM DENZ Take a look at the minute by minute observation of Alias74 for the scene of Noel with Dennis at Sean Cody. Do you guys want the notes included as download link in every scene review? If you have any suggestion, kindly comment so we can help Alias74 build a better review for us to enjoy. Thank you very much.



  • Noel says things are returning to normal after the "storm"
    • Glad to be back and excited
  • Dennis – excited and wants to do "anything they will let me" to Noel
  • Noel tacitly implies that he likes to "Top" – interviewer pretty much guides him
    • Dennis indicates he likes to Top as well – flip flop is suggested: HAPPY FACES ALL AROUND!
    • Noel: "This is going to be my first flop" LOL

1:29 – Kissing

  • Kissing…really passionate (totally into each other) MAY DECEMBER TIME!
  • Shirts off first – Noel pushes Dennis down on the couch and licks his body

Soft edit, 2:40 – Oral

  • Boys get the shorts off and make out some more
    • Both have HUGE nobs
    • Noel sucks shortly then convert to 69 on the floor
      • Good angles from above
      • Lots of moaning – some gagging (seems to be on Dennis part)
  • Nice camera shot – starts above and moves around them stopping on shot of Noel’s furry butthole; Dennis gives teabags…..spits and teases his hole


Hard cut, 4:53 Rimming

  • Noel dives in for some rimming – fingering
  • "That ass is so tight"
    • THEN HE STOPS?!!?!?!? Goes back to sucking

Hard edit, 5:46 More rimming

  • Start on rear angle of the 69 – Noel finally licks and goes back to fingering Dennis who moans he wants Noel to fuck him
  • THEN Noel goes back to rimming as the camera pans back.
    • Can't really see Noel rimming Dennis because of the angle and the positioning on the couch
    • Shortlived rimming AGAIN…back to oral
  • Thankfully camera pans around and finally… better shot of Noel thumbing and rimming Dennis
    • Side angle and then the camera pans back as Noel gets up and positions Dennis on the couch and dives in for more
      • Still real time as the camera zooms in Annnndddd…..


Soft fade, 7:30 Doggy Style – Dennis Bottoms

  • Noel pushes into Dennis – Love Dennis' reactions and his smile
    • He’s in Bottom heaven – seems to be having trouble at first but settles into it
    • Nice overhead shots of Noel fucking him
    • Pulls out because he’s getting soft????
  • NOTE – continuous real time….Noel pulls out and then positions Dennis higher on the couch and goes in for the rim
    • HOT!!!!! Rarely see this
    • Then Noel goes back in….Body quakes as Dennis yelps

For the complete notes, download the word document here (scanned with McAfee)

12 thoughts on “Notes from Alias74 on Noel and Dennis of SC

  1. I like the summaries/reviews, but less interested in a minute by minute play by play. However, if you want to add it, I’m sure many will appreciate it.

  2. Hey, Denz, how about you make review pages a short teaser on the main page with a “click for more” link to the full review? That way, the reviews dont take up half the page with the long descriptions, people can still get the full review if they are interested, and you can add in the additional notes.

  3. Thanks! I added the “click for more” on this post and hopefully I will not forget it on the next post about reviews.

  4. I like the summaries but not minute by minute. Thanks for asking a d keep up the good work!!

  5. I see that Alias is still looking for the sweet spot between full fledged review which get labeled tl;dr and status update which doesn’t satisfy him. Nice product testing before going to market there buddy.
    But I find the full-on bullet point format to be an eye-sore, even worse as the seperate document : it reminds me too much of work/school.
    I like Alias’ writing style anyway.

  6. Thanks for the input, everyone! Actually, as Denz has noted, my FULL notes on the entire scene are provided in that link to download.
    These are the notes I take whenever I watch a scene and they are MAJORLY detailed – every cut or short edit is noted, and I’ve interspersed my commentary with my feelings or opinions on the scene as well. Basically I read over my notes and then start crafting the review.
    So there is a LOT of information I take note of. For me, as a cinephile, I can’t stop myself from simultaneously seeing production/editing/camera flaws, in addition to seeing the porn and performance aspects. But I know that people aren’t as interested in those technical aspects…or are you?
    “Pascal” is right….we’re trying to find that sweetspot: a review of aspects of the scene that would detail enough of it (beyond just “Oh, so and so is so fucking hot…it’s awesome seeing him riding a dick” which I find the MAJORITY of reviews are like) for the casual observer and maybe interest them in signing up to watch the scene or passing on it.
    Email Denz or me at and propose a format or let me know how to be a better reviewer (short of telling me things like “I suck”, “you’re too wordy”, “your reviews are DRIVEL”). I’ll give it a shot.

  7. “KEEP IT WORDY”….LOVE the DETAILS and enjoy reading opinions and comments from ALL. 🙂 🙂
    Nice addition to this already FABULOUS Blog Site.
    THANKS – DENZ and Alias74 for the latest info on GAY-PORN.

  8. I’m a huge fan of dens and alias74. One of the main reasons I visit this site. Love the reviews.

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