Scene review by Alias74 on Rowan & Tom of Corbin Fisher


OVERALL IMPRESSION: When all the elements – performance, camera work, editing – come together for a porn scene, it's MAGIC!!!! "Rowan Takes on Tom" is a stellar scene on the part of Corbin Fisher (even if many would consider these two to be "average" looking), and one can only hope that this magic carries forward to future scenes. The performers have chemistry and heat: You can just tell Rowan is hungry for Tom, and Tom (despite some early wood problems) reciprocates in spectacular fashion. It's a short, but memorable steamy encounter! SUPER WANK WORTHY!


  • Rowan roars back with his second gay scene and shows off his true talent – power bottom! This kid can take cock (we already know he can dish it out with his delicious dick with an extra heaping of foreskin – just ask Truman), and DAT AZZ!!!!!


  • Lots of steamy kissing – the boys are definitely into each other!
  • Camera work and editing are top notch: I counted two real time, unbroken 90 second-or-more cuts where the camera zooms in, pans back, and zooms back in (Stealing SC's playbook, I see?)
  • Am I the only one that LOVES Tom's gorgeous face and equally gorgeous beefy, veiny johnson?


  • Hottest moment #1: After some rimming, Rowan backs himself up for the first time on Tom's cock in an unbroken take from 9:21 to 11:05.


  • Hottest moment #2: Camera starts close on Tom ramming Rowan, you hear Rowan say "I'm cumming" and the camera – again in an unbroken take – pans over to catch Rowan fire semen shots over Tom's shoulder (!)
  • Audible QUEEFS at minutes 10:31 and 11:06.


  • Rowan has a weird Oompah-Loompah orange look to him? Color correction anyone?
  • Tom has ZERO idea how to go down on a uncut cock….and it shows!
  • I think he's sexy as hell….but Tom's gyno is OUT OF CONTROL! I’ve never seen it this bulgy and curvy. Mean, I know…but it's noticeable.

24 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on Rowan & Tom of Corbin Fisher

  1. Can’t wait til Alias74 get his own blog and stops spreading his crap to this blog. ‘ “average” looking ‘. Do you understand what the term average means?

  2. I didn’t say I thought they were average…read what I wrote.
    Meanwhile, thanks for your passionate comment and for reading!

  3. This scene was outstanding. Tom is truly underrate–he’s a great top and a great bottom. He might even be one of the best tops at CF….of course that’s not saying much with CF’s lackluster fucking these days. Anyways, it was a great scene and as soon as Rowan fixes that hair, he should be a great addition.

  4. Tom isn’t usually the type I’m attracted to, but I’ve had a crush on him since he arrived at CF. He’s hot. Rowan looks strange, I think it’s that hair style. Nice body though.

  5. Tom’s tits are getting too big and pointy. If I want to watch bouncing tits I’ll watch straight porn. No thanks.

  6. Sorry, but you lost me at the phrase “Tom (despite some early wood problems)”. For me, any time the top (and hopefully even the bottom) isn’t rock hard from the moment his pants come off, its clear that he’s really not into doing this and just going through the motions for the money.

  7. I hate scenes that start out with guys kissing. I like the old CF format of having the guys chat on camera before getting at it. So for me, this was another fail for me. The fact that Rowan could not make eye contact with Tom is just typical of CF bullshit. I use to be the biggest fan of CF but frankly they lost there way since last year in so many ways and it doesn’t help that you have Alias gushing on about how great this scene was…it wasn’t. So stop egging on CF and call them on their lackluster BS and tell them to put back the Amateur in the productions and get real again. No fake fucking, no fake chemistry.

  8. I agree with CF going downhill. It’s sad. But I couldn’t disagree more about the kissing, especially when the kissing is energetic. I can get harder faster watching two (or more!) hot guys making out than sucking dick. (Is that wrong?) Disinterested, uninspired kissing is pretty worthless, though.

  9. I love Tom. I don’t care if his body isn’t perfect. He has a wonderful smile and he does everything. He’s my favorite model at CF for the past several years.

  10. @Joe- I agree, I like kissing lots of hot passionate kissing with chemistry. I hate kissing that’s bored, mechanical and jst plain bad.
    Keep the reviews coming alias74. One day you might convince me to join a site. So far, you’ve just reinforced my decision not too!

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone! The aim with my reviews is to be informative for folks like @Wldone but more importantly to spark discussion.
    If the studios read these comments and my reviews, maybe they’ll start rethinking their patterns, casting, pairings and filming.
    Besides “quitting”, still looking for constructive criticism for my reviews….let me or Denz know so we can improve!

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I like when the guys make out and kiss. I agree that is often hotter than watching one guy blow another, but what I miss is the small chit chat before the guys start to make out. The little quick small talk helps me size up how the guys are interacting, etc. SC does this very well. CF use to do it, but pretty much stopped. I wish they bring that back and get back to when they were still a start up. They are getting too slick for their own good and going down the sad path of Falcon a Studios.

  13. Alias, please be more critical of porn’s bullshit phone it in tripe. CF use to be good, now they lost there way and suck. Giving them a pass on your reviews isn’t helping.

  14. Hey Alias74,… keep those comments coming. Besides,…MOP belongs to DENZ,..and if he didn’t enjoy/appreciate reading your comments, wouldn’t be a feature on his blog site.
    Remember,..You’ll NEVER please the entire World, don’t even try,..and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I enjoy reading everyone’s comments…including those from the “Disgruntled”.
    Thank YOU – DENZ,..for sharing Alias74’s hard work and generosity. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I get a super-charge and lots of laughs reading his review of CF’s video(s)…most of which I also agree. LOL!!

  15. Really like Tom and could watch him all day. This, however, was rather boring – Rowan not the type of model I’m paying a membership for. Not wanting to be too picky but I think that if you are willing to pay for porn, a certain standard should be maintained. Rowan ain’t it! Love your reviews – BIG FAN! Could we have more on the rimming contents? Pleeeeeze!

  16. Some of my reviews of CF scenes have NOT been kind and have been critical. I’m on to them. πŸ˜‰
    That said, there was something about this scene….the chemistry, the brevity (which can also tell you something about the performers and how they shoot, i.e. a scenes short either because there wasn’t enough useable footage because of limp dicks or problems OR it was short because the performers completely got off on one another and it flowed), Rowan’s hungry hole…something got my butter churning.
    Thanks for the input.

  17. Awwwwwww, thank you for the kind words and support Jason401. That comment would get you a “friend request” or a “follow”!!!!

  18. Your comment about the standards and looks of the models in this scene is EXACTLY what I alluded to in my review when I remarked “some would find the models average looking”.

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