Scene review by Alias74 on David and Randy of Sean Cody

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OVERALL IMPRESSION: Two of Sean Cody's current, stalwart and sexy performers return for a scene together, and while you might think this one is off-the-charts (a la the stunning clip David pulled off with Tanner), it starts strong…. REALLY strong and then the clip fizzles out under the weight of tepid camera antics and dude-bro show-off moments. For THIS long of a clip, how in the world do we only get ONE HARDCORE FUCK clip (versus SC's usual two sex clips within a scene)? Can't lie though: The fuck action, even if it's one clip, is SCORCHING HOT – two gorgeous, beefy, hung studs going at it. David proves he clearly excels at being a top (albeit mouthy and making comments all the way); he just DRILLS Randy's excessively hairy bubble butt into oblivion. Randy for his part is an admirable power bottom and BONUS? His uncut, anteater cock stays HARD for nearly every second of massive pounding he takes! But then SC does the unthinkable: the rest of this clip is a Randy on David oral only clip followed by a speed-jerk session wherein the guys try to see who can cum underwater but make their sperm shoot OUT of the water. LAME! DOWNLOAD AND SAVE FOR LATER (Marginal recommendation)


  • AN ALMOST THREE MINUTE SEAN CODY HISTORY MAKING UNBROKEN SINGLE TAKE. I watched it twice just to confirm but minutes 6:42 to 9:35 are an unedited camera pan and swoop of David just RAILING on Randy's hot ass (complete with some sexy "pull all the way out and shove it back it" rams)!
  • Who else loves David?!?!!?!? I can't get enough of this strawberry blond sex god – beautiful, big cock, fucks like a machine AND has a lispy gay sounding voice (he even cops to liking banging a hairy ass here). Watching him fuck Randy's hole while Randy's ass hairs drag out all along his cock is load-inducing (!) His cum shots are huge foot longs juice rockets!!! Scene MVP


  • It's so rare to see a good "helicopter" in gay porn – Randy shows us an exemplar at minutes 11:05 and beyond. For the uninitiated, a "helicopter" is when a bottom bounces on a cock and his rock hard boner twirls in a circle…like the blades of a helicopter. See what I did there?


  • All you fans of forced facefucking with gags rejoice – check minutes 4:46 when Randy forces David down on his cock three times in a row (And I quote David: "HOLY SHIT….this thing's huge!"), then David tries to go down all the way on Randy's trunk (6.5 inches around he claims), followed by facefucking thrusts.
  • There's even something for foot fetishists – great close up shot at minute 12:06 showcasing Randy's feet while his hairy man-hole gets invaded, all in the same shot.

CONS: (See "Overall Impressions" above for the big CON!)

  • All this interviewing and behind the scenes commenting ruins the illusion – from what is said here, it's clear that Randy is straight. David, though billed as straight, I'm pretty convinced is either straight out gay or bi. And yes, it's a con.
  • Body acne upstage left!!!  In the oral clip, check out the voluminous body acne all over David's body. *shakes head* not a good sign for its implications
  • A couple hard edits ruin an otherwise hot sex portion, particularly at 11:47 when David starts to fuck up into Randy (he fucks furiously, then there's a cut to a medium shot with David NOT fucking hard and then he resumes the action from the previous shot) and at David’s first cum shot (he pumps and pumps and pumps, then there is a dissolve cut to him jerking to his finish. BOO!)
  • Sorry….I'm all about performers loving what they are doing and enjoying it, and there is no doubt that David and Randy are professionals and made for porn, but at points during the scene, they devolve into childish giggling and bro-guffawing and then even try to explain why they were giggling. Takes you out of the moment and not called for.

HOTTEST MOMENT: Other than the aforementioned three minute unbroken, check out minute 14:32 and beyond for some awesome squelchy sex noises – David distance-throws rope and then creampies Randy to a nice squelch and then at 15:03 Randy's fur-cave forces David's johnson out of his tight hole to an awesome second sex squelch. Music to my ears!


17 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on David and Randy of Sean Cody

  1. SERIOUS back hair, that’s not a turn on for me. He’s gotta be straight as no self-respecting gay would allowed to be shot like that!

  2. I agree the fucking was hot. Of course SC did a shower BJ scene in the hardcore release before this one (Dean fucking Dusty, which ironically was pretty hot!). This shower scene wasn’t as good. If it had been an internal cumshot, would’ve made up for the rest of the video. David has a fucking cannon on him!
    But that’s just my 2 cents.

  3. I always thought Randy was gay. From previous behind the scenes, he implied that he was. Whatever, when it comes to gay porn, most guys like to delude themselves into thinking that they’re straight.

  4. Not true FB. I’ve seen a few other gay guys in porn and on live sex shows that have hairy backs. That said…randy is disgusting especially that ass. I don’t know how these guys can bring themselves to fucking that. -but then again a lot of guys fucked jake cruise…It’s an unfortunate pairing as David is one of my favorite models and Randy is one of my least.

  5. I can’t get enough of David… He’s super hot but also the most interesting of SC models .. he’s funny and has anyone noticed how seriously good he is at kissing guys? the shower scene kiss was so sexy. I agree that his straight guy persona is questionable . As for Randy he’s cute but Dat ass is to hairy for me. He’s a great performer tho and cute . I hate to go on about the straight gay 4 pay thing but did anyone notice how awkward the models were answering the ridiculous “how many guys /girls have you fucked?’ who really cares? the fact is that for the next 30 minuets you are having intimate sex with another guy on camera and creating something that will be around forever ..i love Sean Cody but stop insulting your viewers intelligence with this crazy ‘Totally Straight’ nonsense. Sexuality is complicated and i’m sure a lot of these guys are in relationships with women but truly Hetro boys don’t have anal sex with each other on Camera . This is America not eastern europe.

  6. Really? What is so different about Eastern European men from American men. Have you ever actually been there or lived there? Contrary to the popular myth, thanks largely to Bel Ami, Eastern Europe is not some bisexual or gay paradise. Believe me they are no different from American men outside of the Bible Belt. And yes, though there are not huge numbers of them, “truly hetro men” do have sex with men on camera. Ask most gay porn stars, directors or producers and they will tell you that. You’ve constructed a mental picture and analysis that just doesn’t fit actual reality.

  7. No I didn’t mean that at all. I was simply referring to the economic climate in the US in comparison to certain Eastern European countries . There may be a legitimate need for Hetrosexual men engaging in gay porn to support their income where as that’s no the case in the US. It wasn’t ment offensively at all so my apologies if it appeared that way .

  8. So for me this vid was not a turn on. It seemed like pure performance without any real passion. As Dan Savage has described bad porn, “Kabuki sex”. I love SC but I much preferred the previous action video, “Dusty & Dean”, where I could at least imagine there was some lust between the two guys. SC’s most recent solos, “Chris” and “Jack”, were hot too. Not David and Randy though. I respect that others may feel differently.

  9. My apologies. I did over react a bit because I misinterpreted what you were saying. I just get so tired hearing the myth about Eastern European (more specifically the Czech Republic) men being virtually all bisexual. It is just silly. The fact that the Czech Republic is one of the least religious countries in Europe does remove one of the major stigmas against straight men performing in gay porn. And you are right about the money. The better studios (Bel Ami, especially) pay very well if you calculate the money as a % of the average annual income. At one point a couple of years ago Bel Ami was paying $4,000 per scene to its top stars who were not on the payroll.

  10. I forgot to include the fact that the per capita income currently is about $26,000 in the Czech Republic. So clearly the amount George Duroy quoted would be a substantial amount. To be comparable here in the US each scene would have to pay around $13,000. The highest I have seen quoted here is Sean Cody’s $4000 per scene. The money goes a long way toward understanding how Bel Ami is able to consistently recruit such beautiful young men.
    I had the opportunity quite a while ago to hear William Higgins state that if he took all the straight men out of his best porn 70% to 80% of it would disappear. Though perhaps not that high here in the US overall, nonetheless a large chunk of it would disappear here as well.

  11. No, that isn’t true. Some of the ex-models with Sean indicated it isn’t as high as some suggest. Most studios try to broadcast higher amounts, by getting people interested, but then low balling them when they don’t do certain acts.

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