Alan Carly of William Higgins was Czech Hunter #94 (tip @ Eric)

William Higgins introduced Alan Carly just last April 2014. So far, he hasn’t had a hard core scene released.




He was also Czech Hunter #94. The scene was released in 2013 (?).


9 thoughts on “Alan Carly of William Higgins was Czech Hunter #94 (tip @ Eric)

  1. Denz
    Are you sure that’s the same guy? Looks different to me.
    That Czech Hunter was the hottest I’ve ever seen

  2. Like Antinoo, I looked at his ears and came to the same conclusion. His Czech Hunter scene was unusual in that he bottomed for 2 guys, one of whom you could actually see. His next scene at WH, and 1st fuck scene there, will be a 5 guy raw Wank party. Part 1 is being released this week.

  3. Thanks to Eric for the tip. Somehow the model Alan Carly didn’t ring a bell with me. I must rewatch his CzechHunter episode. I’ll look forward to seeing him in the Wank Party.

  4. HE… IS….. GORGEOUS… I really fell in love with him in Czech Hunter # 94. I do hope that, now that he has a name, we’ll see more of him. I’d love to see him get fucked bareback. FUCK !! I am already oozing just thinking about it.

  5. Same here. I was really smitten with his looks in Czechhunter. I’m not usually a top but I would definitely with him.

  6. He has adopted a new name again and filmed with Staxus. He’s Sam Williams there. His first Staxus scene is yet to be released.

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