A personalized scene from William Higgins for a price

Some of us do suggest a scene concept to our favorite studio. Most often, it would get ignored or get a thank you reply. William Higgins is making it happen "We can custom produce nearly every type of legal video for your pleasure… we have decided to offer this personalized service to all our members. Any member of our website can send us a story concept along with a cast list and order a unique "Dream Set" to fulfill his own sexual desires and fantasies."


Since it is considered an order, you pay an additional cost "Because of made-to-order character of Dream Sets an additional payment will usually be required.  Costs depend on the idea's complexity and, of course, on the cast members."

And, the video will be published on William Higgins and will remain their property.

If my fantasy was to have sex with one of the models, would it be approved?

8 thoughts on “A personalized scene from William Higgins for a price

  1. It’s been years since I was an active member of William Higgins and privy to the inner workings of his operation, but I’m pretty sure they used to allow visitors to the studio the opportunity to be filmed with a model in a scene for a FEE! The video was shot so as the identity of the “visitor” was concealed and the only thing you could see was his hands feeling up the model and jacking him off.

  2. They still do that and you can see those hands in some of the Erotic solos which used to be called “Helping hand”.

  3. Your wish has come true. In an upcoming Wank Party episode it looks like Tom Vojak is topping Arny Dornan. I’m looking forward to it. It is Wank Party 2014 #7. I have part 1 which is all oral but the previews show Tom topping Arny in part 2.

  4. I would want to be in a reverse Oreo with Michal Tyser and Alois Holba (Derek Raser). Unfortunately, both are no longer with WH.

  5. Yup, that’s what it seems. Too bad I don’t like those wank parties that much because I like it when the cam is focused in an specific couple.
    I’m still gonna enjoy it though 🙂

  6. Seems unanimous that we all want to see hot ginger Tom Vojak get fucked and get a gusher of a facial as well! Too bad the next installment of Wank Party he tops. I’m with Terry about Derek Raser – Bel Ami doesn’t seem to use him much – such a hot muscle hunk underutilized.

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