Derek Sketer (aka Paul of SC) is now known as James at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Lubiano)

Derek Sketer, who was Paul at Sean Cody then Derek Sky at Gay Casting/Man Royale, did tweet about his work with Corbin Fisher last month. Today, his first scene at Corbin Fisher paired with Quinn was released.


He was given the name James.

Paul VS James

Thennow_paulseancody_jamescorbinfisher Thennow_paulseancody_jamescorbinfisher_02

FYI I did get this DM from Derek last July 2014 "Hey are y'all able to hook me up with a legit porn site? Used to work for seancody years back. Getting back in the game. But have been getting bs low ball offers for like 1k to top" He has deleted the DMs (he may have realized I was just a blogger) but they are still on my inbox.

14 thoughts on “Derek Sketer (aka Paul of SC) is now known as James at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Lubiano)

  1. I like his Paul SC look much better. He did some GREAT topping scenes at SC. He was paired with great bottoms like the beautiful Grayson, the muscle man Derek and the best bottom of all time at SC JAMIE.

  2. SC was better. Fewer tats and not as orange. He did one bareback scene then vanished. Wonder if it was his choice or SC’s.

  3. I like his younger face, but his older muscles. Either way, he’s still hot. Thanks for the DM scoop. Very interesting. I hope he goes back to CF after the initial three scenes. I always missed him at SC, and I’m glad he’s working for another strong studio. I wonder if they’ll get him to bottom. They like vers performers at CF. But if he only did three scenes and he’s not going back, they’re probably all topping scenes.

  4. Denz, if you would not have put the two pics of him side-by-side, I would never have recognize him! It looks like he lost all of his “baby” fat and is really ripped now (not that he was bad before!)! I agree with NG22, CF usually likes their performers to be vers, for example, uber bottom Quinn just topped Brayden in the last CFS update.

  5. “BS 1K to top” offers…..ergo, connect the dots, SC pays more than $1k to top? But is that per scene or contract work? Looks like he did seven scenes (including a solo) at SC.

  6. I really liked him on SC–his “adult look” is not really doing it for me from the pictures…he looks like he’s been having a little too much fun partying and has aged far beyond his years. He was a great performer though, so I will check it out. Sean Cody is seriously lacking in quality tops so hopefully he’ll bring that.

  7. **Corbin Fisher is seriously lacking in quality tops…
    ***Sean Cody too though, for the record.

  8. I’m afraid that one of the 3 scene is with a woman bc in his tweet he wrote to look at corbinscoeds, too. I am so happy to see him again, but a little disappointed that he is paired with Quinn (I have been guetting tired of him for several month, now). Though, I have to recognize the scene is hot bc both of them seem like they have a lot of fun together.

  9. You’re right and it doesn’t help that with every solo at SC, people scream, “A new bottom” every time a new guy comes. I don’t want anymore bottoms at SC. I want some tops or versatiles. That’s it.

  10. Liked him at SC, like him at CF too, I’m a Quinn fan as he does it all so thought the scene was good. But ever since his SC days been waiting for Paul/James to take 6 or 7 hard up his chute. Have someone bang him so hard his tats melt off!

  11. Looks like SC-Paul is keeping the tradition..of defecting from San Diego to Las Vegas. Some of CF’s Top Stars were originally from SC…one in particular and still going strong is SC-Joseph…who became CF-Marc II….and lets not forget SC-Dakota who became DRU when he joined Corbin while still in San Diego.
    Thanks Lubiano for the SHARP LOOK-OUT!!

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