Derek Sketer (aka Paul of Sean Cody) is now James at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Lubiano)

Derek Sketer, who was Paul at Sean Cody then Derek Sky at Gay Casting/Man Royale, did tweet about his work with Corbin Fisher last month. Today, his first scene at Corbin Fisher paired with Quinn was released.


He was given the name James.

Paul VS James

Thennow_paulseancody_jamescorbinfisher Thennow_paulseancody_jamescorbinfisher_02

FYI I did get this DM from Derek last July 2014 “Hey are y’all able to hook me up with a legit porn site? Used to work for seancody years back. Getting back in the game. But have been getting bs low ball offers for like 1k to top” He has deleted the DMs (he may have realized I was just a blogger) but they are still on my inbox.