Will you be watching? Bear Weekend

The first episode of Bear Weekend from MEN was released today. It had Colby Jensen fuck Bennett Anthony. Technically, this is Bennett’s second time. The first time was a live bareback show at Hustla Ball 2015 in Las Vegas last January.


The series will include the first time for Paul Canon outside Broke Straight Boys. I don’t how it works but Paul is represented by Fabscout and 211 Management. It also included Roman Todd, who is allowed to work outside Randy Blue.


28 thoughts on “Will you be watching? Bear Weekend

  1. Ugh ew. I like bears, but Colby Jansen and Bennett Anthony are especially ugly. Glad they’re staying at Men.com whose porn I don’t give a fuck about.

  2. Hoping they shoot “Bear Weekend 2,” where the guys are actually good-looking.

  3. Is it my eyes or Colby totally sucks at topping? I watched the scene and it looked like to me it was his first having sex in his whole life.

  4. I think now that he’s getting older and fatter, his cardio’s not what it used to be for strenuous topping.

  5. I didn’t know Jesus (upper left) did gay porn! Different version of Jesus Christ Superstar?
    How many members has Men.com? So many guys complain about their scenes that one wonders how this studio can still be in business. How could it afford buying Sean Cody? Is the straight part of the conglomerate paying for the gay part?

  6. Hell yes I’ll be jerking off to this! I love Colby Jansen and have been hoping to see Bennet bottom for awhile now.

  7. Me too but I was really hoping his first scene was going to be a really sensual fuck with Damien Kyle.

  8. I quite like Colby as a bottom…he’s got a huge fat ass and he looks pretty good getting porked. He’s a dreadful top though and Bennett Anthony? Ever since a previous thread about, what was it…sleazy escort barebacking or body odour? It doesn’t do it for me…Colby’s sexuality also always confused me. Admittedly gay, marries a pre-op transsexual and then she has surgery…love is one thing, but he made such a HUGE deal about coming out as gay and admitting that he needed to have sex with men! Although, maybe porn fulfils what he can’t have in his marriage…

  9. Bennett Anthony rules! He sucks and fucks like a champ, bottoms beautifully and eats all the cum he can get. Thank goodness he shaved that beard! His voice, though, can sound nelly.

  10. Jaxton Wheeler…he used be quite good-looking, but not so much now.
    When did that guy from Broke Straight Boys “make it”, by the way? The last I heard, he was begging for money on Twitter!

  11. I always wondered that myself. I always wondered how nextdoor stays in business as well. Men content is heavily pirated to the tube sites which they own…could be some sort of vertical marketing? I know alot of my women friends who like porn prefer men.com because of the aggressive sex.

  12. I think very few guys who watch and subscribe to gay porn sites actually post comments on blogs. I don’t think the comments of the few of us opinionated types, who feel compelled to post comments, actually reflects the likes and dislikes of porn consumers in general. Look at the surveys or votes some of the porn blogs take; hundreds of people will vote and maybe only 10 or 20 will post a comment.

  13. Um, yeah, I got to read that article. Bennett’s gross actions really turned me off. Hope he has a good accountant to administer his porn/escort money. This boy has a shelf life and its halfway done.

  14. Well, at least Bennett’s on Truvada so he can’t spread anything a shot couldn’t cure. Gotta give a girl SOME credit:(

  15. MEN is hiring rougher and rougher porn stars from cheaper websites. The beginning of the end was Jarec Wentworth, but now they’re moving into grubby escorts and BSB…I think they might be in trouble.

  16. I was thinking the same thing. The quality from this studio is abysmal. They may need to revisit their business model (if they have one).

  17. I agree….I think porn is still big business…less than 10 years ago, but still big. The porn obsessed on these blogs are not a real read on the amount of men watching porn.

  18. Bear gay porn is just another niche which will appeal to some guys. Porn has existed forever in one form or another (eg. the Etruscan vases in various places from 3000 years ago). Recently, the porn business model using the Internet to distribute was a money-printing venture. But the same Internet is making it easier to pirate. The porn bosses will come up with something else, but porn will not die. Gay porn is niche as well. Maybe Mindgeek is losing money on men.com, but that might be small in their money-making machine.

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