The str8 side of Mark Long

Mark Long only did a solo in 2012 and returned in 2013 to do hardcore scenes. He is currently an exclusive of Next Door Studios. He has done mostly gay scenes [gallery 01, 02 & 03].


But, he did have a scene with a woman.


If you are one of those guys who loves their gay porn stars to prove their straightness, Mark Long shared on twitter his experience at Phoenix Forum a few days ago that included K I S S I N G a female porn stars (the one he had a sex scene?).


30 thoughts on “The str8 side of Mark Long

  1. I posted on another forum, he needs to do more or sit the fuck down. that str8 scene was almost an hour long and he get’s fucked with a strap-on. He can’t do anything with a guy other then to be trade. He’s not all that.

  2. It’s just a matter of time before he fully transitions to str8 porn. And all i can say is good riddance when he does!

  3. Straight porn will come down on him like a tonne of bricks! They despise crossovers, but I don’t understand…is he gay and one of these dodgy performers who did a scene with a woman for the shock value? “Straight” for pay, or what?

  4. I want to state again, as I have before, that I find the pixelation of the female body childish and deeply misogynistic. They don’t hide penises on straight porn blogs. I think it is a troubling sign of immaturity in this community.

  5. There is very little money in straight porn for men compared to what he can make in gay porn. Though rates have come down substantially over the past few years, at the top sites it is easily 5 to 10 times higher pay at the gay sites.

  6. ummm…is getting fucked up the ass by a girl with a strap on considered straight?

  7. When talking about misogyny and porn, you might want to reconsider spending more time on straight porn blogs.

  8. Thank you!! (Claps.)
    If he can get fucked with a strap-on, he can get fucked with a penis. And he also needs to suck dick.
    If he is only willing to kiss and fuck his partners, he can get the fuck out (or sit the fuck down). Ain’t nobody got time for his games. He’s not as gorgeous as Sean Cody’s Stu, or something.

  9. Not sure if you’re asking whether the sex act is straight or whether he’s straight because he’s done it. I’ll discuss the former.
    A lot of people do consider this straight. Technically, it is sex between a male and female — which makes it heterosexual sex.
    But if I’m honest, I’m a little torn. As I see it, pegging uses modern technology (harnesses and dildos) to simulate gay sex. If a person thrusting a fake penis into a man’s asshole isn’t a simulation of organic gay male sex, I don’t know what is.

  10. So what you’re saying is that if the straight guys are misogynistic then it’s OK for us to be as well? They’re generally homophobic as well so ….. Misogyny and homophobia are often shared behaviors. We should be sensitive to that fact.

  11. This debate was going on in another thread about a post-op transsexual performing a scene with a straight male porn star…normally both of them would have been vilified, but nothing.

  12. Stop talking. You sound like an asshole. No one cares to talk about misogyny on a gay porn blog!

  13. Out of curiosity, and a little off topic. Can you define someone as a gay man, even if he fucks ts girls and goes all out with them (touching and kissing tits and uses the term pussy while fucking in the ass)?
    As a gay man, I can not imagine myself with ts, because of the female apparition, even if it is attached to a real dick.

  14. Gay for pay is bullshit this Mark Long guy is bisexual and a coward. I resent the homophobia these performers are presenting. Suck a dick and get fucked up the ass or stop doing gay porn. I refuse to watch Trystan Bull or cody cunning videos. These men are a joke if straight people saw what these men do they would say what many people say they are not heterosexual. Any man doing gay porn is gay or bisexual do not believe the hype.

  15. Pegging is for curious so called straight males who really want a cock up their ass. Rocco Reed a bisexual porn star also got pegged in videos BUT he also went to and got fucked by tons of men! I believe rocco reed like Mark long definitely have had sex with men off camera as well. Pegging is a joke nothing better than the real thing.

  16. This man Mark Long is not straight are people stupid? He clearly is sexually attracted to other men and please do not make those excuses about viagra. To be able to maintain an erection and fuck other men so many times as this man he clearly has a sexual attraction to other men. He may be bisexual or bicuirous or whatever but certainly not exclusively heterosexual. This guy needs to suck cock and take it up the ass. Mark Long reminds me of Rocco Reed except I RESPECT Rocco more because he did it all. Quit the homophobic bullshit and suck did like the other boys.

  17. Exactly, these men who peg definitely want a dick up their ass as the saying goes there is nothing better than the real thing. I had a dildo up my ass once did not enjoy it.

  18. Gay porn does NOT pay well very few men make big money. They do gay porn because they are sexually attracted to other men.

  19. There is no such thing as gay for pay these guys are closet cases many of them.

  20. You will be happy to know Mark Long FINALLY gets fucked on camera on Nextdoorraw on June 15th 2016 next week by Markie Moore! He is going gay all the way in this one sucking cock and getting banged up the butt!

  21. Daniel Mark Long is full of shit he isn’t completely straight either. The man CLEARLY loves a cock up his ass. Getting a woman to peg him for an hour is a joke! The good news is Mark Long finally got fucked up the ass raw by Markie More but strangely enough he only did one more scene in July 2016 it looks like he quit or left NDS?

  22. One can argue because it is a man and woman it is straight sex but anyone with common scene KNOWS Mark Long loves butt sex. This guy is a bit of a coward if he can take a dildo up his butt he can take a cock up his ass. I am guessing Mark Long probably been fucked by men up the ass except it was off screen.

  23. I know this is an old post but Mark Long went all the way in gay porn. He took a break last year in the summer but Mark Long returns to gay porn on March 3rd 2017 at next door studios. And yes Mark Long is sucking cock in the video.

  24. Who cares what Marc Long‘s sexuality is. He is sexy and fun to watch. I like Mark long. His sexuality is his own business. He seems really nice.

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