3 thoughts on “Who would have thought that Fresh Men & Chaos Men will have an update on the same week with the same guy?

  1. He was first in Czech Hunter 518 with Ginger Radek Ulba (aka Tom Malone, Thomas Cullen) where they were both fucked and fed. He then went on to Higgins as Igor Uran and Staxus and other places as Finn Harper or Calvin Steel. He is always a top and has not eaten cum since, I believe. Tom Bacan, the cocksucker here is 30 years old and appeared as Vladan Krtic at Higgins and Momo at BROMO and Tom Bacan at UKNM and everywhere else, always as a bottom.

    1. You watch way too much porn to know that much about someone Man.

      You should see someone about that or at least close the laptop occasionallt.

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