8 thoughts on “Mason Skyy & Kingsley Kross

  1. Maybe they should open their own OF or JFF site–they sure have a lot of chemistry with each other. Kingsley says he’s bi, Mason…well, closets still excist.

    1. where did he say that cus he doesnt even use his twitter. Someone asked if kingsley was bisexual and mason skyy, elijah and kingsley validates that and liked the comment but kingsley then unliked it. weird. What we need to talk about tho is not only why gayhoopla doesn’t hire real gay men but also why do they ask their straight and bi male models to lie and say they are gay or even imply they are, why do they need to lie about these men being gay especially when they end up putting them in str8/bi scenes. It’s not like we’re not aware they’re run by homophobes go don’t want to make gay porn and. WOn’t hire gay men.

      1. Why do we need to talk about it? You need to have a conversation with yourself on why you support them. I cannot get upset with a company that I do not subscribe to.

        Gay men do not need to work for them. Gay men need to stay on Onlyfans making money for themselves and cutting out the middle man that means them no good.

        1. Because it harms gay men to have straight and bi models lie about their orientation say they’re gay and then go around and work for their bi and straight site, it’s literal conversion rethoric.

    2. Mason claimed bi since the beginning of his Gayhoopla career, on camera at that too. His girlfriend even participated in some of his bi scenes. Kingsley and Eli Bennett are clearly gay.

      Ultimately don’t believe any words that come out of any models mouth on camera at Gayhoopla, by La El or his curated model Twitter accounts.

      1. Most monoracial black gay pornstars are usually gay or bi. It’s rare that a black gay pornstar claims to be gay for pay because in the black community there is no playing gay for any amount of money. That’s your manhood; manhood is as precious as gold.

        Eli could be bi. Ian Borne was quite effeminate but it seemed to genuinely love sex with women.

        1. ian borne is straight, Eli is bi and kingsley is bi. There was even someone who posted screenshots of conversation where Ian borne admits being straight. That’s why I wonder why gh/hgf and bgf lie about their sexual orientation!

  2. The gayhoopla company keeps using the same 3 models to promote. Laylani for HotGUYSFUCK, Manson Skyy for GayHOOPLA, and IVY for BIGUYSFUCK. I swear those 3 models have appeared in every update lately. WTF?

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