Who did it best this Halloween?


Will add more as soon as I see it on my feed.




12 thoughts on “Who did it best this Halloween?

  1. Can I guess who you are…a pair of sick and twisted freaks? You were beating the shit out of each other and Jack was calling you out as a paedophile only a matter of weeks ago…and now you’re posting matching Halloween costumes? Violence, drugs, paedophilia…they’re worse than Paul and Damien could have ever hoped to be.

    1. And do they have matching black eye makeup in those pics too?

      Paul and Damien were also racist trash. I’d say that at least makes them neck and neck with this trainwreck.

  2. Faggotry seeks flamboyancy. The gayer the guy the gayer the costume. In a time like this most G4Ps porn performers may be sitted in a ” lazy boy ” armchair in front of a tv set, drinking beer, scratching the crotch and asking their wives for more snacks.

  3. Never mind the costume, where the hell is that train that Josh Moore is riding on? It looks like a new high point in mass transit. (You know you’ve been looking at porn for too long when all you focus on is the train).

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