LeeRoy Jones is known for his work at Active Duty & Next Door Studios. He hasn’t had a scene released since May of last year. And, he keeps coming back every year for a solo [2020, 2021 & 2022] at Club Amateur USA, where he is again the latest update on the site.

Ethan Steel is known for his work at Broke Straight Boys from 2019 till April of 2021. He is part of the 5 man orgy in the latest update at Sketchy Sex.

4 thoughts on “LeeRoy Jones & Ethan Steel

  1. Leeroy Jones could have been big in the industry if he played his cards right. He tweeted that he and NDS don’t see eye to eye anymore. I wonder what happened. His Twitter is pussy galore, and he has a homeless look now (there’s a handsome guy under all that hair). He won’t pursue straight porn (he tweeted that he’s “spicy straight”) but stated that he would return to gay porn.

    1. You are right. He “could have” been sort of big.
      Not totally boring in gay porn BUT you could just see him being a bit too standoff -ish…
      Probably secretly or not so secretly straight.

  2. Ethan Steel was a bore at BSB – they dumped him because he wouldn’t bottom. When the pandemic hit they dug some of his scenes out of their vault and released them, but I think everything he did for them was filmed 2019 or earlier. It looks like he’s in the last several at SketchySex. I wonder if he’s less boring there…

    1. I can see your point with Ethan, but something about him really did it for me and his first scene on BSB putting Marcus Rivers in his place is a scorcher. Love Ethan’s handsome face, slender fit body and lack of ink. I could watch him dominate his bottoms for days.

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