Dylan of CF, Tom Houston, Jeremy Robbins & Chris Damned

Dylan with his 4th scene in a row as the bottom at Corbin Fisher. It started last Valentine’s Day with Roman followed by his bisexual scene with Rocky then with Adriano and now in his threesome with Roman & Barron.

A flip fuck with Tom Houston & Jeremy Robbins released by Belami Online in two parts with Tom as the bottom in the first part.

Chris Damned do bottom for his fan site and a few of those homemade scenes were uploaded at Raw Fuck Club with Jonah Wheeler as the latest top.

5 thoughts on “Dylan of CF, Tom Houston, Jeremy Robbins & Chris Damned

  1. I rarely ever get excited by all the scenes you mentioned in one signle post, but here it is! πŸ˜‹ I love how Dylan is taking to getting fucked in the ass, and I hope to see more and that he doesn’t stop too quickly. I wanna see how much sexual energy Tom has, especially since BelAmi advertised quite a bit about it. And I love watching Chris cums getting fucked! I wonder why he never does it with major studios… He did well, he enjoyed it, and I think he should let everyone sees it more often. Besides, they might have better camera and angle to capture those hot moments! πŸ˜‡ And I’ll get to finally see it shot well.

  2. Like Dylan bottoming so much. Glad to see Tom Houston bottoming, wish he had bottomed for Asher and Donovan in the SC scenes. Agreed about Chris Damn. Just saw (on a tube site).Chris bottoming for Christian Wilde. It’s really hot, and Chris cums.

  3. I like Roman, but I am TIRED of seeing Roman. He is the new Kenny but hotter. He is in every update. Is he the only model they can afford ? or does his scenes really drive up the numbers? I don’t get it.

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