1. mike

    He went from 5’7″ to 6’2″??

  2. Bruce

    His “first” cum shot on film was… epic!!! It flew so high, so far and there was lots of it. I say first as Cole had stated that was his first time cumming. Titan’s Arcade on Route 9.

    • Bruce

      CORRECTION: It wasn’t the first time he’d cum, but rather the first time he was fucked – “The first time I had anal sex was on the set of my first TitanMen movie.”

    • Thank You

      Do you happen to remember which scene this cum shot is? I wanna see how high he cummed

      • Bruce

        Spy Quest 2. ENJOY!

  3. Reg

    Wow…he’s still around? He’s looking terrific, but I just wish he were back performing.

    If Legacy Gay Porn stars were to return, we’d finally have something to write home about!

  4. Fathom

    He was SUPER cute and a good performer. Yeah, wouldn’t mind seeing him in front of a camera again.

  5. J

    Aw, he’s still a cute little thing!
    He looks better with a 5 o’clock shadow.

  6. Lalalaalla

    He kinda look like the Winter Soldier

  7. Magnus

    Wow. He was cute before, but wasn’t my type. But if I saw this sexy hairy man today I’d probably drop to my knees!

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