5 thoughts on “Older men as the top for Sam Narcis & Dakota Lovell

  1. NO. What a waste of good young guys to pair them up with withered old farts.
    Cole Blue is the biggest example of a wasted career. This guy is stunning, rock hard body, nice ass, cock, and pretty face. Tops and Bottoms…BUT he wastes his whole career having sex with old guys at all those odd old man sites. He could be a HUGE star anywhere else. Whats wrong with him?

    1. Wow that sounds a little projection there. Cole Blue is a hot boy. Maybe that’s what he gets off more with. Some of those scenes are pretty nice. We all have what we get into which is what makes porn fun.

  2. Kind of messed up…. Peter M isn’t old, he’s just bald!

    That said, I was under the impression that the young guy thing was more of an older man fetish… I guess it doesn’t have to be. I would figure this would bring people more into their fantasy… but I guess not?

  3. Please, what’s his real name? I mean the First young boy Peter M or Sam Narcis at WH he’s very handsome

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