There are 2 guys named Paul Morisette at Belami Online. The second guy that was introduced last February had an additional letter R to his last name – Morrisette.

Belami Online can’t give him another name since he does live cam shows at Belami Chat (& Flirt 4 Free) as Paul Morisette (single r).

Paul was reluctant to go beyond chat according to Belami Online.

For a long time BelAmiChat model Paul Morisette had insisted that he would only do chat. He did finally give in to our requests to be able to make a photoshoot with him that we are very happy to bring your today. Despite his reluctance to move beyond chat, Paul is a very pleasant guy, confident and sexy.

Paul was first known in 2017 as Alan Pekny (aka Larry McCormick) at William Higgins.

This is Paul now.

3 thoughts on “Paul Morisette

  1. So, he’d only chat for Bel Ami, but bottomed at least 3 times for Higgins. Weird.

    In the picture supposedly “now”, he almost looks like a botched plastic surgery or God forbid a burn victim

  2. WELL – the second Paul Morisette ( formerly alan pekney ) agreed to only do chat probably because his cock is shriveled up and stubby do to all the extra “S” vitamins he obviously takes…
    That and he is a dead boring fuck.
    The new Paul ( with 1 R in his last name ) is a Big UPGrade. His skin is in much better shape too. He probably doe NOT do vitamin “S” and earns his muscles so he has a real size cock and pretty skin. Smart fella.

  3. Where is the second Paul?

    I’ve been in the original Paul’s chat room. He’s okay. He can be cute in personality(the way he moves to music is cute).

    I’m a little disappointed in his make-over : the tattoos and the tan don’t improve his look.

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