Damien White “Didn’t want to post anything but god was looking over me for sure🙏🏻🙏🏻”

10 days in the hospital for Damien White.

A possible life story of Johnny Rapid.


Don’t click view!

Happy birthday!


Love & Hate for Chris of Sean Cody

If you miss him, he has a new Twitter account.

Are fan sites not profitable for porn stars?

8 thoughts on “Damien White “Didn’t want to post anything but god was looking over me for sure🙏🏻🙏🏻”

  1. Apparently Damian White had an adverse reaction to hard drugs. I think the clock counter has started for him. He needs an intervention and some therapy before he becomes yet another statistic of porn work.

  2. When did pornstars become so unsexy? We get it, you’re a human too. But some of the stuff they share is tmi. What happened to the refined, muscle and/or lean stud of a man that made you run for your Vaseline? The cute boy next door whose penis you imagined. The unattainable jock that ended up on Sean Cody? Now everybody looks like dishelved hobos off the street. And I’m so tired of seeing weird kink porn like the Lukas Daken tweet on blogs. No disrespect but I don’t want to see what someone ate from their gaping asshole. Make gay porn great again.

  3. I have heard openly gay men say that they had to close their OF page because they weren’t getting the support. I have always said OF is a straight man’s playground. They can bait, bait, bait to the tune of thousands but gay men struggle with the best content. The gay men thar succeed are usually established or appeal to a certain group of men but it’s the straight guys who tend to thrive on that app for nothing.That is sad but not surprising because the gay community love to run its own self into the ground.

  4. Gabriel Cross and Rhyheim Shabazz are gay and very successful with only fans. Rhyheim clearly making money traveling to Brazil and other countries for content. Gabriel was in Spain recently. I think they do well because they are consistent with content. Some porn models don’t post a video for a month or more. Other models double charge. They charge a fee for subscription and charge more to see their videos. Rhyheim & Gabriel do well also they pick well known gay porn models to make content with. I don’t know if they have to pay the models though?

  5. Vin Roxx isn’t wrong. I want to call him out for not backing up his boasting with some actually hot content BUT anyone who has followed porn for the slightest bit of time know a pretty face, big dick or big ass can get you stardom but then they’re boner-killing duds in their scenes. And Sebastian Young being a perfect example: great ass, lack luster performer and garbage person. Constantly worked. What has Vin said that was so controversial where he can’t book jobs? Personally I would prefer he focus his energy into becoming a better performer but he seems too new for all this drama. I think he’s hot and he seems enthusiastic about being in the biz so I don’t understand the disconnect. Just based on what I see in this site it’s vague rumbles of bro behavior but nothing more than that and nothing specific.

  6. White/Roxx – foolish “straight” BS!
    Kane – if you have healthcare issues get a job that has medical benefits v. just trying to make $ off your body. In you industry it is very possible to come in contact with an STI.
    Kosta – solid pick, congrats!
    Dallas – the painting is sexy, however, your choice of jean shot makes your ass look old/flat. Let the art speak for itself.
    Andy – cute pic

  7. Sex work is work. At the end of the day, performers should be provided healthcare through their exclusive contracts. Not testing for all possible STIs is not just bad business, it’s inhumane. It reduces the men in gay porn to being a product for the consumer. Their health is just as important as someone in a “regular” job. Frankly, I’m saddened by the comments that frequent this blog. These are human beings, that have feelings and the same color blood in their veins as you and me. The hatred toward the men who bring us pleasure says more about the trauma we have endured as a community than it does about any one individual. Kindness is free and is available in abundance to all who choose.

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