From Henrik Sommer “the guy sent me away after sex when there was coca should i come back”

I’m staring at your booty 😍

Who is the hottest amongst the brothers?

Note to content creators – bring “coca”.

From Rocky Vallarta “What’s with all these guys from Dubai trying to get gay porn actors to go there? You get out of there and come here.”

6 months 💰💰💰

More newbies in gay porn please!

Then & now

No one worked on that day?

Hope you all got your second shot of the monkeypox.

21 thoughts on “From Henrik Sommer “the guy sent me away after sex when there was coca should i come back”

  1. Ok here we go…

    Ken Rodeo: I like the shorts more…

    Jake Hart : Try smiling 🙂

    Henriksommerx.. Porn is all about drugs and false promises..

    Aston Springs: I hope you got to keep your passport…

    Josh Brady: A bit tutu much…

    Luca Del Ray: Thanks for putting me off watermelon…

    Griffin Barrows: Are you sure it’s not a mugshot they used? …

    Mickey Taylor: I think you have more of a customer base problem than a “family of racist, colonialists.” problem….

    Drew Valentino: I hope he bought you dinner atleast on that floating STD barge afterwards…

    1. I’m an ex-travel agent and “floating STD barge” is pretty accurate for some of those gay cruises.. the behaviour of some of the passengers is beyond reprehensible. The overdoses, “rape” and assaults are all under reported. And if you have to sign a NDA, as for a refund. Basically if it looks like “Sodom at Sea” beware..

      My best advice is if you want to go on a cruise for a vacation, go with a regular, gay friendly company. Many have great packages and accomodations. And they do cater to us.

  2. I think what happened to Drew Valentino on that cruise wasn’t the most public or sleazy thing to happen lol…

  3. To Mickey Taylor…. I’m sorry you can’t make money because everyone’s attention is elsewhere..

  4. Drew Valentino’s Atlantis Cruise escapades reminds me of a friends story about his trip on An Alaskan Bear cruise years ago… they were giving out “rape whistles” to everyone.. When My friend asked as to why they were, one crewmember said ” who wouldn’t want one” and winked at him….

    My friend stayed in his cabin most of the trip :/

  5. Is Jake Hart still flirting with G4P? I thought he declared not so long ago via his twitter that he was switching sides? Maybe I’m mistaken. He’s got a big dick, but he’s a bit too… err. dunno. Weird for my liking. He seems too introspective and hard to read. Those are usually the types I watch out for.

  6. If people don’t respect the queen of England because “her family is racist and colonialist ” it would be better leave the UK and go to some ex colony as a way of support such statement…Try to prostitute yourselves in Uganda, Nigeria, Papua-New Guinea …You have all the Commonwealth to have a try.

    1. Or, and here’s an idea, people who don’t support the monarchy can remain in the UK and argue for a system where people are not instantly privileged and held to be above others purely because of an accident of birth. The new King is a man famously recorded telling his mistress that he waited he was her tampon, and if I met him I’d be expected to call him ‘Your Majesty’. Fuck right off with that bootlicking bullshit.

    2. Jake Hart, maybe they would if you didn’t look like a druggie. When Jake first debuted at Chaos Men a few years ago, he was undeniably hot. He had that hot douchebag next door neighbor look that made you want to punch him between the eyes but shamefully harbor naughty feelings for him in private. Now he looks like a m***head. I don’t know about the G4P stuff. I thought CM said he was bisexual. I assumed he was family but you never know with this weird crop of men; someway, somehow a vagina is going to enter the picture even if it is attached to what looks male.

    3. Monarchies should not exist. There’s no human being on this earth that’s better than another human, simply because of their bloodline. It’s supremacist and backward.

  7. The guys who go to Dubai need to be careful. Rocky Vallarta is correct why take the risk visiting a homophobic Arab nation? The money I am sure is tempting those Arab men in Dubai are closeted. I heard the money these porn models can make is a lot like 10k in a weekend or probably even more. Homosexuality I think is illegal there. Pierce Paris went to Dubai last year and that Canadian porn model Malik. Hopefully these guys don’t take cash and only accept money through PayPal, Cash app, Venmo ect. I read an article about a trans model who got arrested because she got caught at airport.

  8. WOW…. Griffen Barrows is CRAZY… Who Knew ?
    WOW…. Mickey Taylor is a self absorbed ASSHOLE….Who Knew ?
    CHEF – Sorry you quit South Park, I miss you there.

  9. If Lucy Hart is happy then i am happy for her. But I will never stop missing the masculine hotness that was Lance.

    1. “Lucy” might have changed names, but Lucy is never going to be a real “her” any more than you can paint a banana red and honestly call it an apple.

    1. Well, considering the kind of shit Lance is into (forced fem, sissyfication, fem dom, etc) this possibility is kind of hard to ignore.

  10. Henrik Sommers seems to be on a very dangerous path, mentally and physically. Hope he gets some help. As for sex workers and immigration, I don’t know if this is true, but have seem a lot of porn stars traveling to the US and filming porn scenes – which is totally illegal and will get you banned.

  11. I agree.. but I find that more porn stars are traveling to Montreal now since the covid restrictions at the border have been relaxed.

  12. Porn models don’t need to travel to America for work with studios. Plenty of models are frequently in Montreal for work. It makes sense Canada more relaxed about these things than USA. Also, masquin, other porn studios part of mind geek actually out of Canada. Many models posting on social media all the time they are in Montreal for work. I think Montreal is porn capital of Canada not Toronto.

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