More tattoos for Robert Royal, Asher (aka Ricky Donovan) & Jared (aka Hoss Kado)

Robert Royal at Lucas Entertainment in 2021.

Robert Royal this month.

Asher at Sean Cody in 2017, 2019 & 2022.

Asher as Ricky Donovan this month.

Jared at Sean Cody in 2009 and as Hoss Kado at Next Door Studios in 2021 [gallery].

Hoss Kado this month.

10 thoughts on “More tattoos for Robert Royal, Asher (aka Ricky Donovan) & Jared (aka Hoss Kado)

  1. Has Asher split from Deacon then? Their tenure at Sean Cody was when I lost interest as they were Mind Geek favourites and did absolutely nothing for me.

    Hoss Kado I can’t bear him, and he is another one on Sean Cody that did nothing for me at all!

    1. Wasn’t Hoss Kado asking for donations to fix his anus a while ago? I guess he’s got the money now cause he can afford tattoos.

  2. They’re being paid in tattoos, right? Those can’t be cheap. They look awful, but they must have cost a pretty penny.

    I do sometimes wonder if extreme tattooing like this is a form of body dysmorphia…

  3. Damn. Can you imagine how these men are going to look once they hit 70+ years old? All of these tigers, numbers, mosaics etc. are going to look like big ass splotches on their skin. Dragons looking like they need face lifts. The guys who get them removed state that it hurts like hell getting them removed and that it’s not always guaranteed. The scarring is severe and the process is grueling.

    All of these body modifications are ridiculous. Remember that weird ass Teddy Bryce getting his tongue split?! I’m not going to say that smaller tats with a nod to an achievement or memory isn’t cute but big ass tit tats?!?

    I’m only in my early 30s but I remember when I first started looking at gay porn. It was vintage from the early/mid 90s. Thanks to my closeted uncle and his terrible hiding skills. Those beautiful men weren’t wrecked by ink. They were oiled up, sweat slicked hunks. Wish we could get a taste of that again.

    1. I recently finished a membership at Kristen Bjorn and had a similar reaction to the classic old stuff on the site: gorgeous, natural bodies. As you move into the modern time, the ink increases annually. Oh well. I’m finally so used to tattoos that I’m no longer bothered by them [much].

    2. Agreed. Though for some ominous reason, I doubt they’re going to make it to 70. The porn obituaries are a daily read. It seems to be rare to find many of them making it to retirement age and beyond.

    3. It won’t take until 70 for this to look awful. This amount of ink looks trashy now, but at least it’s fresh. Once you hit your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, excessive ink becomes very dated and makes men look like meth addicts.

  4. Maybe I’m just a vanilla square, but wtf is with all of these tattoos? A natural, ink-free body is so much more appealing and a turn on (to me). The more tats, the more distracting it is.

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