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  1. I agree with the others, there’s just something off about Legrand — maybe it’s the fact that he never bottoms, and him being in a few twink tops scenes where he’s not a twink but was a top just weirded me out. Maybe it was that whole public dispute with his family (sister?). But hopefully he gets to be fucked by someone else soon.

    1. I’m so glad to hear someone else say this. I’m a bottom with very rare urges to top. I find Legrand Wolf and Malik Delgaty and Roman Todd and William Seed (and others) very attractive and have zero desire to see them bottom. While I can understand people having a desire to see tops get banged, I’ve read many a comment from people who expect strict tops to bottom and I don’t get that. If these guys want to just top (like Tim Kruger, another hottie), I don’t understand why so many people push to get them to bottom.

  2. It’s no surprise that Wolf is the one having first dips on Clayton’s juicy ass with him being the owner (?) of the site. Having said that, Clayton is a rare gem amongst newer entrants to the site. He’s of the same calibre as those hot Elders introduced by Mormonboyz back in their heydays in terms of looks and physique.

  3. This scene isn’t good. Legrand and Clayton don’t have cumshots (I didn’t buy the “internal”). The only hope for a hot scene with Clayton at this studio is a pairing with Cole Blue. Clayton is a good-looking, sexy guy. I agree that he should leave this lame studio.

    1. I watched the scene, I thought it was great. Clayton’s eye contact and moaning was intense. I believe the internal was real, there was cum on the tops dick as pulled out. There was some arm blocking when he was on all fours but over all a good scene…. Busted twice.
      Gazzaq, I agree the lack of enjoyment and the increased criticism; either some are watching too much or there’s too much to view.

      1. I think the scene is ineffectual. Clayton didn’t even have a cum-shot. Was it real cum or fake cum that was inserted? I need to see cum come out of the top’s dick head or cum squirt out of the bottom’s ass while the top is inside him to believe it’s a legit internal. There are too many fake internals and cum-shots in scenes nowadays. I’m glad that you enjoyed the scene and that you think the internal is “real”. I think the Derek Kage/Andrew Miller Active Duty scene puts this to shame.

        I’ve seen Gazzaq complain about all kinds of scenes and performers on WayBig. It’s okay if he dislikes a scene or performer, but he complains when a poster doesn’t like a scene that he does. He doesn’t understand that these scenes are SUBJECTIVE, and not everyone is turned on by the same things. His posts are hypocritical. I might respond to him and tell him that he’s “hard to please” the next time I see him be critical of a scene and performer.

        1. So you’re a guy that needs to see the tree fall in the forest kind of guy. The fact that you needed to rebuttal….
          Hey at least you like a scene. Not sure what the point is in comparing them.
          You seem to know a lot about porn entertainers and the people that comment on them from different formats. Which explains some.

          1. Wanting to see BOTH men cum in a scene isn’t a big ask. I wouldn’t question your needs because I understand that “needs” are subjective. The fact that you needed to respond to my original post and my rebuttal…

            I like a lot of scenes. I’m also respectful to different opinions. I wanted to give you an example of a scene that I think is good.

            Actually, I don’t know a lot about porn entertainers and the people that comment on them on different formats. That’s a false assumption. I only recognized Gazzaq because I read WayBig sometimes.

            Now let’s see if you have a rebuttal to this post. That will expalin A LOT.

        2. Creamy Penis, I just read your comment and have noted that someone votes down all of my comments and I guess this is you?

          You have stated ‘I’ve seen Gazzaq complain about all kinds of scenes and performers on WayBig. It’s okay if he dislikes a scene or performer, but he complains when a poster doesn’t like a scene that he does.’ You have also called me a hypocritic and that you have also stated ‘I might respond to him and tell him that he’s “hard to please” the next time I see him be critical of a scene and performer.’

          Mate please do that as needed, as I think pal that you will find that my responses are mostly measured, and I am also open to criticism and am fully aware that all commentators are subjective and entitled to their opinion and are free to challenge me if I response passionately to their response and they dont like or care for my response.

          I am also aware that my opinion is not always the right one and that others will always disagree with it, as I am no porn expert just giving my view.

          However its seems that you have chosen to call me out regarding this matter!

          Why fuck knows but I guess as in life we as individuals dont always see eye to eye and that cool! I look forward to your response.

          Cheers Gazzaq

          1. Gazzaq, I’ve only down-voted your comments on this thread. I find your posts sanctimonious and hypocritical. Why would you complain about other people complaining if you’re aware that these scenes are subjective? Are you damn hard and critical to please when you dislike a scene and state that opinion on blogs? What if someone doesn’t find these two men (a lot of people dislike Legrand) attractive? Are you attracted to every man in gay porn?

            I called you out because I am one of the gay porn fans that dislike this scene that you called out in your original post. Dom50 mentioned you in his response to me as well. I read WayBig (I don’t have an account) and I noticed your name. I’ve seen you be critical of performers and scenes on there. Are YOU over critical and so damn hard to please?

            1. Whatever mate glad you enjoy my posts and those are some big words that you have chosen to use, and I have clearly hit a nerve hence your hostile response. And I pretty sure I know who you are!

              Dom was right, as you do seem to know a lot about porn entertainers and the people that comment on them from different formats, and it pretty sad really!

              As the great Kim Cattrell said about Sarah Jessica Parker ‘She could have been nicer’ and that apply to you and calling yourself that unfortunate name, well enough said!


              1. I don’t enjoy your posts…and you haven’t hit a nerve. Keep assuming…

                It’s great that you think I’m so knowledgeable. I’m a casual porn watcher. I also don’t read a lot of blogs. I recognized you because of your usual shtick on WayBig. Do as I say, not as I do. Again, it’s okay for you to dislike scenes and certain performers, but you complain when other posters dislike scenes or performers that YOU like. Again, that’s being hypocritical.

                Kim Cattrall also said that she dislikes hypocrisy. LOL, I wonder what she would think about your posts. Oh, and I’m sure that she would get a kick out of my username because she’s witty and has a sense of humor.

                Creamy Penis

  4. What are we Gay Porn fans so damn hard and over critical to please. No wonder the studio owners choose to ignore us and do what they please. These are two hot guys having sex for our pleasure and entertainment and you lot are all complaining Jeez 🙄!

  5. Dude’s a creepy ass pedophile. The scenes with Austin Young and the sets that had children’s toys and were designed to resemble the room of a 3 year old say it all. Put his nasty ass on a watchlist.

  6. TarzanTop fucking Clayton will be stirring things up and bringing a lot of subscribers for Legrand. and I’m pretty sure it will happen soon

    1. Tarzan Top is at this site? He’s the type of “daddy” that Masonic needs. Fingers crossed for him to fuck Clayton and Cole Blue.

      1. Yes, Carnal Media just signed him as an exclusive

  7. Thanks for sharing this brief erotic clip from the Boys4Sale series on Carnal Media, Quastaroth! Clayton Foster is going to be very popular as a nicely muscled submissive to the Masters in this series, and MasonicBoys. He is far better built than the majority of the boys Carnal regularly uses, and that just makes his scenes hotter. Master Kamp really puts the boy through his paces in the full scene this is from, and then feeds the boy his seed. The next chapter has Clayton worshiping Master Legrand Wolf with both his hungry holes. The tease for that is hot AF! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than humiliating a ripped young (straight) jock by putting him on his knees, and then providing a deep prostrate massage that has the boy begging to be allowed to cum! They need to shave his pretty pussy though! This kid is a natural, hunky submissive-just the way I like them!

  8. He’s indeed super hot. I think he might have taken a break from porn though. He’s a college student in Indiana. Does anyone know his real name?

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