Latest tweets from Tegan Zayne as @God_is_good_xo (tip @ Moises)

Tegan Zayne [movies] was first known as Tegan at Chaos Men from 2015 to 2016.

He was the first to publicly accuse Topher DiMaggio of sexual assault.

He hasn’t had a scene released since 2019. He is still active on Twitter. Recently, he changed his Twitter handle to @god_is_good_xo.

All his tweets about gay porn have been deleted.

22 thoughts on “Latest tweets from Tegan Zayne as @God_is_good_xo (tip @ Moises)

  1. Please can we be spared from yet another reformed-former-porn-actor (hardly a “star”)-turned-holy-roller? One Jake Genesis per lifetime is MORE than enough.

    1. Apparently it’s okay to knock on someone who’s view / found someone that works for them.

      1. I’ll be happy to knock on someone who is basically calling for a holy war, like the other crazy cultists currently running amok. Why can they never just “have it work for them”? They immediately have a desire to force everyone else into their viewpoint – or else.

  2. Okay, so who have we lost…

    Logan McCree, who moved to Scotland, became an anti-gay activist and just married a woman.

    Jake Genesis, whose Catholicism (no Priest jokes, but come on) made him “repent”.

    Rocco Reed, who I honestly believe that website and harassment is what sent him flying into Christianity and having half-a-dozen children.

    Malachi Marx, who wrote a book about being Gay4Pay and would never return, (although there was no book).

    Geordie Jackson, who appeared on the tabloids and Channel 5 to condemn his gay porn “past”, (although has now returned to it like nothing happened).

    Tegan Zayne, who I’m suspecting is now “born again”, holier than thou, into revisionist history and I’m anticipating will spout Bible verses and attempt to convert others.

    I think this list can go on and on, with hardcore converts like Tanzer, the ones who leave because they’re “straight” only to come creeping back (Collin Simpson, Bo Sinn, etc).

      1. of all these guys i miss none of them except for Blake and More…because every scene with them you could see and feel the desire to have sex with another man was real…

        1. Yes, I feel that Markie More has the real desire of having sex with man. Markie More is even way better than Paddy O’Brian. I don’t get why Markie More is being like this now.

      2. Even though he became a pastor I don’t think Bobby Blake condemn porn. He is still engaging with sex workers openly on Twitter.

    1. And don’t forget the fucked up narratives by Kyle Connors. He completely went from a hole tonight to oh holy night. He’s said some of the most vile and terrible things about homosexuals and homosexuality.

      Marvin Cortes and Ricky Decker have found the lord lately too. I’m not upset at those who find God but the ones who slate and talk so nastily against homosexuals are the ones that make my blood boil. When they get like that the first thing I want to do is show them the footage of them rolling their eyes in the back of their heads, them slurping cum like it’s going out of styles and taking dick like champs.

    1. They obviously did not think that and then they return back to their non gay porn lives and this happens!

    2. You must be the envy of all your friends and family. You made and the best and correct decision on the first go.

      Do you honestly think that folks NEVER thought they would become addicted on the first sip, hit, try??? Do you think a gambler would every think he would become a gambling addict on the first hand??? Do you think a couple who spent a good time dating, and then planning the perfect wedding would ever become divorced???

      In reality folks would consider you UTTERLY CLUELESS!

  3. Its sad really as Tegan was fantastic performer. He will be back as he cant resist the dick or the attention he gest from his fans!

  4. Another desperate nut job thinking that a make believe man in the sky will wash away years of bad choices and make them judgemental aholes all with a single prayer

  5. Tegan has always been a thirsty windbag. He rides whatever bandwagon he can to get attention, and his claims about DiMaggio were clearly exaggerated for publicity. After his me-too claims, this whiny priss was dead to me. Now he’s clamoring onto religion while using his stint in porn to pontificate on social media to a receptive, braindead bible-thumping audience. Whatever track this huckster is on today, it’s just another chapter of the same story.

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