What’s the point?

Ashton of Corbin Fisher is indeed back as Marshall of Fratmen.

We've seen him as a bottom and a top. So, it's kinda lame seeing him again for the nth time in a solo live cam show at Fratpad. According to Ben's News, 47 participated which is considered a huge number.


I think Fratpad wanted to create a buzz by his return. Unfortunately, only two blogs took the bait.

I am curios why Ashton left? The atmosphere at CF seems to be a lot better than FM. Is it because no one at Corbin Fisher defended his "7.5" inch cock? Just kidding.

19 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Well he made it seem like he did not have a good time working for Corbin and stated that he would never return to that site. I guess he forgot to understand that if you ever worked for Corbin and started working anywhere after him he would not want you back any way. Plus his team has the ability to find hot guys all the time. The pad has struggled to find guys to go into the pad for over a year now and that is one reason Marshall is back. John the owner was so pissed when he heard of all the guys leaving him and going elsewhere. He seems to really dislike corbin so to bring back Marshall after he bottomed and took cum to the mouth there shows the desperation the pad is in to get guys on cam.
    The normally have averaged 19 to 30 chatters so the 47 was a major improvement to what they have been. That number was due to people being curious as to how Marshall was doing after bottoming for corbins site. The numbers will drop as Marshall has never been a good cam performer.
    If anyone visite the new site USAcamguys.com you will find many of the former members of the pad where the chat room averages 60 plus people.

  2. When the pad was averaging 19 to 30 chat members at any time and many of them were timed out so the numbers are never really what they seem. Marshall did bash corbin and said he would not be back but then he doesn’t have to worry about being asked to return since Corbin doesn’t bring guys back that have moved on to other sites even if they had worked for that site before. In the end Corbin will not miss Ashton/Marshall at all since his company has the ability to recruit quality talent. Something the pad could learn from

  3. I suspected he did not enjoy bottoming unlike Tanner haha.
    You can see him pushing the legs of the other guy in his bottom scenes.
    But anyway, fratpad should start changing itself then and make this guy a bitch.

  4. Ashton is so freakin hot, I would watch him read the phone book – naked, of course!

  5. His fans will like seeing him wherever he goes. I’m not into the goofing around at the pad and cam shows, but many guys are, so they’ll be glad he’s back at FM.

  6. That’s a shame- There was something about him that was really special and was enjoyable to watch. His performance with Aiden goes in my top 10 best masturbatory imagery scenes. CF must have realized this too, because they were using him in more and more scenes. I am a major fan, but I will not be seeing him at FM. It is indeed pointless to take such a step backward. I will miss his adorable smile.

  7. I completely agree… he had the look I really like — @GMAN you wrote that implied he was unhappy and would never return, where did you hear that? I always got the impression that CF treated it’s guys pretty good…

  8. Isn’t Zane Michaels work for Fratpad now? Isn’t Zane pretty good friends with some of the guys at Corbin Fisher? Maybe someone could ask him for some insight? I liked Ashton’s look but I only really enjoyed his last scene with Brayden.

  9. i agree , I think Ashton is super hot. I loved watching him have sex with a woman, men, getting fucked, fucking , eating cum, all of it. Some guys just have that quality, he does.

  10. Ashton was one of my favorites. some guys just have that certain something that makes you want to watch all their scenes. I loved watching him eat cum and his scene with a woman is also one of my favorites.

  11. Ashton was a lame duck to me at CF and FM. I never liked him before he went to CF and while he was there he seemed boring. Jonah is the real babe at FM and CF is…well….thank god for Sean Cody and Chaosmen.

  12. C. The videos for Riley were spaced out but they were filmed relatively at the same time while he worked at Corbin. He did not go away and come back after working elsewhere. I am sure you know that Corbin films months in advance to when they are actually shown to the members.

  13. Gerry he said it in his first cam show back at the pad Sunday. I think he was asked to say that because I think he would have said the same thing had he been on a cam for Corbin being asked the same questions. And yes from all accounts Corbin does take care of his guys. Like it or not but look at how many have hung around over the years. He has to be doing something right to keep them around?

  14. Funny how Ashton or Marshall came back – the other fratpad guys talked how they did not like living with him during his initial stay – he didn’t clean up after himself and then Shay said something about him not respecting boundaries.

  15. This STUD-MUFFIN has done his studio – “kangaroo-hops”… beginning as Marshall with FM/FMS/FPad to Ace White at RB, and Marshall White at Paragonmen and CD…then as Ashton for CF who pop his cherry with Dixon and Harper.
    I think he needs to visit CM, then move on to NDS, then cross-the-pond to BAO. This should complete his circle in PORN.
    I’m going to miss Ashton at CF. 🙁 🙁

  16. I don’t really follow “the pad” or any of that stuff but can somebody tell me if PAYNE is still making videos?
    He’s the only blond guy I’ve ever been attracted to , absolutely gorgeous fuzzy muscle ass and cute face!

  17. Nope. He left and came back beefier and worked with 2 new models Brant and Kellan when he came back.

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