A Mike Dozer scene will be released this Friday by Raging Stallion (tip @ Trex)

Mike Dozer and Tommy Defendi filmed a scene for Raging Stallion last August 2013.


Their scene was part of the movie Open Road 2 which was released last November 2013. This coming Friday, the scene of Mike and Tommy will be posted on the Raging Stallion website.


Mike Dozer is currently in jail for alleged sexual assault with a 14 year old boy.

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18 thoughts on “A Mike Dozer scene will be released this Friday by Raging Stallion (tip @ Trex)

  1. Typical and not a surprise, considering how bad things are over at Raging Stallion–no management whatsoever, no creative direction, and no money. LOL. They really are the scum of the earth. The movie was already released last year on DVD, so it’s out there if anyone just has to to see it. But to now release Dozer’s individual scene only means one thing: Chris Ward is hoping to profit off the alleged rape of a 14-year-old boy.

  2. I’m very much excited to watch this porn movie because they look very hot. For sure a lot of their fans are waiting to watch them in action

  3. Looks are inconsequential, because what could anyone get out of seeing a monster have sex…especially if you consider the age of the partner he might be imagining.
    Whether he plotted and schemed to become one, he’s a paedophile and he has no business being on the face of the planet…let alone the face of porn.
    If I were Tommy Defendi, I’d feel ill and I personally won’t stomach seeing that man again.

  4. I don’t care, they paid him they might as well release the scene . I don’t do background checks on porn actors.
    Also that teen was on a gay dating app, he must be quite fucked up on his own already. I’ve already met a guy like this, he was hellbent that he was 19 and wanted to have sex, when he looked 14-15 at best. there was no way for me to check and I’m not attracted to such youthful physical features anyway.
    We chatted politely and I suggested him to go home and maybe we can talk in 7 years.

  5. Everyone….please remember: Gay porn is a business. Scenes and films are shot with a release schedule that mimics the new business model of porn due to the advent of the internet, social media, and pirating.
    Do we know for certain that Raging Stallion had any sort of discussion about whether to release a scene that features someone NOW alleged to have raped a minor? And even if they did, WHO are we as consumers to say that RS SHOULDN’T release it?
    After all, porn is porn…the PRODUCT (the sexual performance, editing, production, etc) is what matters here….not the personal backgrounds of the performers themselves. How many times have the gay consumers collectively worshiped or adored a performer whose past or even DURING their gay porn career has been discovered to have criminal convictions, weird fetishes/hobbies, or unsavory personal events in their lives. We got convicted felons for drug use and assault whom consumers have actually welcomed BACK to the scene with open arms, some convicted of federal charges…again welcomed back with open arms, other convicted of domestic abuse, to say nothing of the ones that eventually were convicted of murder.
    Did those companies pull the clips or decide to take a moral stance on the background of those other performers?
    Take note of the glass house, ye stone throwers!!!!

  6. The only thing you can do as a “porn consumer” is not buy it. Raging Stallion has nowhere on their website where a member, or anyone else for that matter, can express an opinion about what they are doing. So the only way to send a message is to not join or cancel an existing membership, which is exactly what I just did.

  7. I mean, he’s sketch and I don’t find him attractive at all nor have I seen his videos. But yeah, porn is a business and they’re gonna release his work regardless.
    Admittedly, I still enjoy wanking it to Addison’s videos from SC and he’s a criminal, too. So IDK.

  8. Mike Dozer in Jail? OMG! He’s such a hot guy if he needs any bail money or anything else just let me know. He’s one hot man.

  9. Dozer is a fucking piece of shit. He’s HIV+ and promotes bareback sex. Oh, and there’s that thing that he’s a child molestor. He’s an embarrassment to gay men everywhere.
    It’s disappointing that Defendi would touch that nasty thing. Such a turnoff.

  10. I find comments like “he’s a fucking piece of shit” and “he’s a paedophile and he has no business being on the face of the planet” disturbing in their absolute certainty of what happened, considering the only thing that has been released is the age of the boy and the fact that they met through a sex-app (which states you must be 18 to use.) No pictures of the kid showing what he looks like or text exchanges have been released indicating that Mike Dozer planned to have sex with a minor. Setting aside the fact that the most common age of consent in America is 16, there’s a massive difference between a child predator who abuses a position of power and authority to molest a child, and a horny teen boy who wants to have sex with a porn star. Should Mike Dozer be punished legally? Probably. Is he a ‘sex offender’ who prowls the playground searching for kids to rape? I seriously don’t think so.
    And frankly, if you people are going to get so up in arms about ‘protecting the children’, why aren’t you picketing sites like Helix and Staxus? Their whole niche is boys who look underage.

  11. i heard that the kid had already attempted to entrap others before dozer. we still need to hear the details: did he look his age, show an id, etc etc

  12. Come on, 14 yeard-old boys can’t be raped. That’s the age of consent here in Brazil. At this age people already enjoy sex, or at least want to have sex.

  13. I think it’s a cultural thing, Pedro. In the US, we don’t screw donkeys or eat our own poop like most Brazilians do. So laws are going to vary from country to country.

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