39 thoughts on “Believe it or not? Jaxton Wheeler says he is bi

  1. My favorite recollection of Jaxton W. … is back at Randy Blue where HE and Braden Charron did one of RB’s first Flip-Flop Fuck Scene. Glad to see he’s still using the same NAME … that makes locating him much more convenient.
    Thanks – DENZ, for spot-lighting Jaxton. 🙂 🙂

  2. “I’m too masculine in my ways”….if by masculine you mean getting relentlessly fucked in the ass and producing “odd” rap music.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this: STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE BI TO SELL GAY PORN CLIPS, especially if it’s for a CRAPTASTIC studio like Men.com.
    That said: Jansen + Wheeler = CHUNKSTRONAUT HEAVEN!

  3. Bisexual men for me are a turn on….what’s not a turn on is purporting to be bi and then in the same breath saying “I’m trying to build my female fan base”.
    OH because the majority of women will embrace your gay porn career and inevitably swoon enough to be in a relationship with you?????
    Jaxton – if that actually works, please take your show on the road and start leading inspirational seminars a la Tom Cruise in Magnolia.
    Not trying to be rude….in fact I think you are quite frankly one of the hottest and sexiest men out there, but really. NOW I think I prefer gay porn performers being “straight” with us so to speak. In the end, the performance is all that matters and Jaxton delivers so what do I care if he’s straight or gay.
    Or do I????? reaches for meds

  4. He’s confused. Just as you are. He’ll have problems with that female fan base with that small cock of his.

  5. Gay porn fans need to get over the idea of porn actors as their “fantasy boyfriends”. As these porn blogs show, most of them are pretty desperate and a hell of a lot of them are very fucked up. So why someone needs them to be some kind of idol for their sexuality is beyond me. Label them all “buysexual” and have done with it.

  6. So he’s bi again now? Yet when his rentboy ad was up(haven’t checked to see if it still is) he said he was str8 and that he was perfect for the sex with a str8 man scene.
    I think he needs to bottom for Rafael Alencar.

  7. What out-dated, B.S., gender stereotypes. Saying that men can’t be “soft” is as ignorant as saying that women can’t be “hard.” Grow-up Jaxton, your notions are infantilizing you!

  8. But I want to say that Jaxton has a really hot big fat hairy manly ass – a real delight to watch it being plowed hard

  9. So, pretty much like 90 something % of gay porn performers? Ok. But, really when str8 guys pretend to be bisexual, that only makes the genuinely bisexual guys just wanna call themselves “gay” so they don’t get doubted for being G4P, as demonstrated here. Just be upfront with everyone, stop trying to sell an “image”. You’re not celebrities, you’re just glorified whores.

  10. I’m bi-sexual and there is no way you can put preferences on who you want to have a relationship with. I’ve been in love and had relationships with both men and women. Either he’s full of BS or just never allowed himself to fall in love with another guy. Men like him are full of crap.

  11. I’ll never identify myself as bi. Thanks for those guys who like him and for gays who reject bi without consideration.

  12. One of his youtube videos a while back went on and on about how straight he was and how he debased himself doing gay porn and how he had turned his life around with his music career and would never do gay porn again because it was like the worst part of his life…oh and he said he abandoned his two sons from his first marriage.
    And on another post on here a few years he back he claimed he was gay and that he had come out. The guy’s not confused. He just straight up lies.

  13. I’ve seen it before from some “gay” guys, they said the same but about only being able to have relationships with men

  14. Oh god when will these aggressive fags give up on this “debate”?
    He is a porn actor, doing his job, don’t give a fuck about his orientation and do not attack it!
    Would you enjoy yours being questioned and being sent to straight conversion therapy ? No? Then GTFO
    ( I expect the “it’s not okay to call people fags” bullshit, do not even bother typing it)
    I think this type of behavior is going to drive people away from gay porn, nobody needs this animosity, and Jaxton is a great performer regardless of his orientation.

  15. Wow…Could you try to be a bigger piece of shit, russe?
    It’s a really low blow, and his cock is average, it’s just that his happens to be very big, and it makes it look smaller proportionally, but attacking someone on that is really shiteous.
    It’s also easier when you are hidden behind a screen trying to wank like a maniac.
    It’s sad that the gay “community” sets such low standards.

  16. In the end, people don’t like having their sexual orientation questioned and this fake ass debate only creates unwarranted animosity towards performers.
    If you don’t like the idea of straight conversion therapy, don’t question people on their orientation. You take what they declare for granted, just like gender identity. ENd of.
    Fuck all these bitter nosey bitches.

  17. This is slanderous, I have seen the videos on his former youtube channels and you are lying through your teeth.
    He was involved in a custody battle about kids that were not his own. He did not “abandon” them, they were his girlfriends’ children, and their father was trying to take them away from the mother using Jaxton’s involvement in the adult industry as an argument.
    And what negative said about gay porn was the fact that it was PORN and that as a former victim of abuse as a child, selling his body was unhealthy for him. Plus it had a negative impact on his family life as I said above since IRL people were using his porn activities against him, so don’t be a bitch just because you can, Anon/Gnormie.
    I’ll never understand all those porn commenters obsessed with brining the people they wank to down. Mind your own fucking business if you have nothing positive to say.

  18. @Grogi – I couldn’t agree with you more. So many haters nit picking and being down right nasty, when the focus should be on performance and not on orientation or reasons for being in porn! Some gays are downright mean and vicious and we expect the larger community to accept us when we’re attacking others? Heard of tolerance people? sheesh!

  19. Straight conversion therapy has not been shown to work. There are enough documentaries about it with guys who were more fucked up after than before. I recently listened to a radio show with a survivor of conversion therapy who said the best thing about it was getting the phone numbers of fellow attendees to hook-up after. Isn’t so-called conversion therapy now illegal in California?

  20. As an openly bisexual man, I’m very happy that I’m attracted only to other bisexual people, as gay people, as demonstrated here, tend to be some of the most vitriolic people I’ll ever see. No wonder so many of you end up alone. You’re too busy reacting viciously to guys who reject you to mature and treat others the way you constantly demand others treat you-the height of hypocrisy.

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