From Lucas Ent “Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots.” (tip @ Unrepentantslut)

Last December 2013, Lucas Entertainment explained [article] the meaning of informed barebacking "We don’t discriminate against HIV-positive models. We pair HIV positive models in condom free shoots as long as both are comfortable. Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots".


But, Christopher Daniels recently admitted [Youtube @ 3mins] that he  was HIV- but did his first bareback scene at Lucas Entertainment with an HIV+ performer.

Christopher did confirm that Lucas Entertainment do pair positive performers with positive performers and negative performers with negative performes. However, during his shoot, the studio had scheduling problems and the only available performer was positive but undetectable. Christopher had no issue with the pair up since he was in Truvada. According to him, there was a study that you can't get infected having sex with an undetectable individual if you are on Truvada.

Lucas Entertainment did film the scene (with Marcus Isaacs?) with the consent of the sero-discordant performers.


11 thoughts on “From Lucas Ent “Obviously we do not pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots.” (tip @ Unrepentantslut)

  1. So? What’s your point? Sero-discordant people have sex with each other all the time. If they are comfortable with it then what’s the issue whether it is being filmed or not? It’s 2014 not 1988.

  2. I think they’re insinuating that he’s a filthy Jew only interested in money and not the health of his workers.

  3. To me it sounded like this was like an exception to the rule and it was agreed too by both actors after issues with a negative model either not showing up or not being available when Christopher was doing to be in NYC and available to do the scene so due to that they made an exception.
    Both actors are adults one is poz and undetectable the other negative and on PrEP so it’s really none of anyones business but theirs.

  4. Maybe a stronger strain of AIDS needs to hit the gay community to scare them (I guess I could say “us,” but I don’t think AIDS is cool). To some, it is now “cool” to live with HIV/AIDS.

  5. It’s no one’s business but theirs, true. Except for the typical $380,000 it costs to manage HIV throughout a lifetime. THEN everyone else has to pay.
    You people are fucking idiots. Literally.

  6. Folks, there IS an actual blinded randomized clinical trial (the gold standard of medical information) performed which demonstrated that HAART compliant sex partners did NOT transmit HIV to their HIV negative partners while practicing unprotected sex.
    It isn’t just “some study” its documented, rigorous medical research published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal Doesn’t get much more factual than that, so please remove the skepticism when referring to the findings.

  7. I think that as long as the performers consent and they are comfortable with it, it shouldn’t matter who fucks who or gets fucked by whom.

  8. oh god i do don’t wanna catch HIV. I have really got to make some changes in my life–sooner than later.

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