9 thoughts on “A 2012 scene of James Ryder was just released by MEN

  1. He has moved into some modeling lately. He just did a shoot with CheapUndies with Colby Melvin under what I believe is his real name.

  2. He was a model before. Back before he did porn, he posted on Facebook how he used a coupon at a fast food restaurant and the cashier handed it back to him. He thought the cashier thought he was poor and said “I’m not poor.” on Facebook. Mind you, he was so over himself, like a sexy god before he entered porn.

  3. I looked for him on the CheapUndies site but couldn’t find him. Wish he was still doing porn.
    I totally don’t understand the coupon story lol

  4. He used to think he was everything. Look him up on Douchebag of Grindr, there’s an entry on him. Before he did porn, he acted like he was very well off. If he was so, it was just not necessary for him to post the coupon story on Facebook and then tell people “I’m not poor” in the first place. It’s just dumb.

  5. I always thought men.com was guilty of holding onto porn. You can look at their number 1 star and see that. On some videos Ms. Rapid looks like a twink out of a concentration camp and in other scenes he has a little mass. And this can be seen with his videos released in the same month. Just another example of why men.com is a horrible studio.

  6. This is getting ridiculous at Men.com this isn’t even the worst example. They’ve put up scene of guys that retired literally three years ago. What’s the point??? So stupid!

  7. That IG account is fake first of all, and although when I was younger I was a bit obnoxious and inflated, I was still a nice person. I was 18-19 and a brat who thought he was a big deal. People change and life goes on. On a side note, thank you for watching my videos and supporting the journey I took through the dark side of entertainment. As most of you know I am no longer filming or active in the industry.
    These blogs are so funny.
    – James

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