Perfect timing for Cliff Jensen

Last February 07, 2015, Cliff Jensen's scene at MEN was released. It was also on that day that a tweet, in his behalf, informed us that Cliff was awaiting extradition to another state.


Striking while the iron is hot, Icon Male released a scene [gallery] today from their archives that had Cliff Jensen. The scene was part of the movie Gay Massage House, released last year.


15 thoughts on “Perfect timing for Cliff Jensen

  1. I checked with the county jail under his real name…is it possible that this is all a hoax just to get money?

  2. Did you call or try the online LA County jail site? I tried going on the site but it isn’t working. He has been avoiding that outstanding warrant for years and he knew this was coming sooner or later. Though a hoax is not impossible, he’s not the brightest candle on the cake. I just don’t think he could pull it off. By the way, if you ever want to see a prime example of body language screaming “I don’t want to be here”, the Icon Male scene mentioned with Cliff and Brandon Wilde is it. Cliff can barely stay hard and looks almost angry about being there. I know he is not fond of doing gay porn but even for him this is painful to watch.

  3. I don’t know, that whole living-will-esque video on the fundraising page, “If you’re seeing this, it means…”
    Maybe it’s someone else’s plan and quite a Machiavellian one at that.

  4. He has been doing a lot of crystal meth lately, it’s a very good chance he got brought in for possession or distribution.

  5. his girlfriend “Kirra Moon” is a big Meth user. Iam sure the drugs had a big part in this. Prob the best thing for him to get away from those drugs and that wratchet girl.

  6. Saw her Facebook, she’s not fooling anyone with that photoshop airbrush. Google her name and you can see photos of her in a more natural state, huge forhead (more like a nine head) gigantic teeth and disproportinate eyes. Cliffs standards have dropped something fierce. I hate that he dates women but the least he could do is show us that he can get a woman that’s actually hot instead of this mess.

  7. LOL you couldn’t be more on target, how about that giant coco puff on her face. Instead of buying tweak she should buy some concealer and cover that sh*t up.

  8. Thought you guys were just being catty so I took a look for myself. All I have to say is,,,,,, she must have a nice personality. lol

  9. I can attest that he for sure is NOT gay. This past Christmas he was driving through my hometown on his way to Humbolt. He made a stop to see a client, he had me waiting in the hotel lobby. the client was in and out in 15 mins. Then we proceeded to fuck for hours. He deffinatley preferred fucking me (a woman) over a man.

  10. Seen her pix on str8 up. I can’t believe that Cliff (Jake)was with that girl. It HAD to be for the drugs. She must be or know a supplier. Good girl to know when you are a user. The guy we know (when clear headed) goes out with beautiful women. Some I’d even call stunning. This Kirra is FUGLY beyond belief. I can deal with the fact that he uses drugs, can even deal with the fact that he’s straight. But it’s a sad sad day when our champion is on such a low that he beds that Uggo.

  11. According to comments on another board Cliff has court TODAY! Fingers crossed that Bitch Kirra Moon doesn’t get what she wanted by turning him in. #FreeCliff

  12. The (public) Glendale arrest records show the address that he was arrested at. I googled it, its an apartment building. Gave the management a call and sure as sh*t it IS infact Kirra Moons building. No doubt she was behind all of this.

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