6 thoughts on “From gay, bi, str8 and now a transsexual scene for Franco Styles

  1. Why is this on a gay site? There are plenty of other options out there to post. Gay man = interested in gay men… not bi, trans, etc…

  2. Stop posting that shit on your blog just for clicks and comments. And show a little more respect for your readers.

  3. For those who haven’t seen Franco top, he’s really lousy at it. That’s the primary reason he bottoms, besides getting paid more. And leave Denz alone, its his blog to post what he wants, no one’s forcing you to read it, and if you don’t like it you can always create your own blog, ungrateful cunts.

    1. I sort of agree with you. Denz does a wonderful job at keeping us informed about everything that happens in the gay porn world, and then adds a few additional tidbits of gossip here and there that cause controversy. While I am not interested AT ALL in bisexual/hetero/trans porn, I do enjoy the incandescent comments made and the irate exchanges in which people become entangled, whenever these posts come up. It’s distracting and the arguments are always a million times more interesting than the porn itself (as I have said before, I am not interested in it AT ALL).

      I would like to ask Denz to continue making them, though. It does enliven things, and some replies are extremely well thought out, while others are just amusingly furibund.

      1. There’s even a warning label on this one, not that any of the complainers actually read the posts before replying…

  4. Thank you so much for focusing on the model and not their sexuality. I personally enjoy different facets of sexuality. So thank you again for sharing.

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