Last July 2021, Ty Roderick [movies] turned himself to authorities based on an outstanding warrant of his arrest so he could finally go home and see his family.

In less than 6 months, he is out of prison.

6 thoughts on “If you miss Ty Roderick

  1. Not gonna lie. I DO miss Ty Roderick. I know his northeastern, Italian, blue collar, straight guy type. So masculine, so sexy, but so inaccessible. Yet Ty is ready, willing, and able to work up a sweat plowing an eager bottom’s hole. His physique is closer to that of a car mechanic’s than a West Hollywood gym rat. And then there’s his voice, his hairy chest, and his dick…

  2. It’s going to be a crying shame if he cuts off his hair. I think he might be the only gay porn star who can pull-off that look. Damien Kyle, Dante Drackis…I’m not saying that Ty isn’t trashy, but why would he want to look “small town”? He’s going to end up looking like an jail-bird, instead of the first time pretty stylish.

    He still dates exclusively women and trans, right? I’m guessing he’s not going to be bothered about exactly which kind of porn he does :-/

    1. Wasn’t he boyfriends with Isaac X? I can’t make the timeline work out, but I thought…maybe last year they were. They shot some amateur scenes together, one especially hot threesome with Taylor Reign. And he did one with Vince Parker, Jake Nicola and Chris Damned, where I hoped Ty and Chris would have some interaction but didn’t, and when the fucking started, Ty disappeared.

  3. Excited to see Ty. The long hair just doesnt work for him. Maybe a little shorter. But he really is my fantasy guy. I hope he does some good porn, if he chooses to get back into it.

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