22 thoughts on “Bo Sinn with Malik Delgaty as his 2nd top

  1. Tops who bottom are automatically 900X more interesting than performers that only top exclusively.

    1. Thats YOUR opinion. For me I hate when my tops bottom. Prefer tops to be tops. If a hot Bottom tops then thats great too (like Devin Franco or Jake Porter). We all have different likes and dislikes.

      1. Why does that matter for you? A top bottoming or a bottom topping does not make them any less of a man or whatever. Please reexamine this archaic need of yours – it will cause you and others less suffering and probably is made up of a bunch of outdated beliefs about gay sex.

        1. As i indicated we all have different likes and dislikes. Many in the “gay” community have GROUP think and if u dont conform to group think u must be ostracized and shamed. U know what? Fk off. Im not into group think.

          1. You think bottom shaming tops isn’t a group think?…..🙄if you say so.

            Quick question, why is it you feel bottoms can top then? What turns you off about tops bottoming and more importantly, why is that?

      2. @jktooo: We’re almost on the same page. In porn I like guys to be either tops or bottoms. In my personal life when I hook up with a guy and decide to let him fuck me, I don’t want to be thinking that he’s thinking that he wants me to fuck him. I like my top guy to love being a top and not getting fucked as much as I like being a bottom and not wanting to top. From my early experiences in gay sex, I found that getting fucked is waaaay more pleasurable than topping. When topping the pleasure is similar to masturbating but when bottoming your whole body is on fire. That’s why the bottoms are almost always the noisiest partner.

        1. When a PS top decides to bottom on camera I might watch it…idk. Usually I wont. If a verse performer I like bottoms, great, but i probably wont watch. I think the difference with someone like me and most of all these other gays is if a top refuses to bottom they want to ostracize and cancel these guys. Its stupid. They have nothing but vile hatred for these guys. Its like a mental disorder. Also look how fieldmedic attacked my quite harmless non viscous comment, he is perfect example of these mentally deranged that “embrace” diversity and tolerance until it goes against their views. Fkn idiots.

          1. You have a victim complex and the way you talk about sexual positions isn’t harmless. You say everyone has different tastes, yet you clearly have disdain for people with different preferences than yours.

            And to boot, you seem to be repeating internalized homophobia talking points and ostracizing yourself as “special” for rejecting respect for diversity within our community. You have some issues to work out, and i hope you get the healing you deserve.

  2. A woman in the scene…sexy, I’m sure. And Bo must have filmed this a LONG time ago. He’s all about his new Soup persona and distancing himself from gay porn again now.

    It’s not a surprise that he’s bottoming, because he nowhere else to go. When he initially moved from straight porn to gay, it was exciting. He had a big dick, great…but then it was just topping after topping and more horrific tattooing with every video.

    He’s “retired” from gay porn three-times to my knowledge, with nasty sign-offs each time and then comes sloping back.

    I’m not sure why porn put up with him, but they do.

    I’ve been wondering the same thing about Ryan Bones. For some reason they keep getting him to perform with most of his clothes on these day…his shirt on, his trousers, BOTH. And it’s so incredibly off-putting that all he’s doing at the moment is love-stories about his new girlfriend. We all knew he was gay4pay, the same as Bo, but I wish he’d realize his gay porn audience isn’t interested in this “love of his life”.

    1. Ryan Bones is FAT!! It is embarrassing seeing Ryan wearing shirts to cover his gut in porn videos. I don’t know what happened to him he used to be so fit. As for Bo Sinn he is just over compensating. We get it Bo has a new girlfriend but doesn’t change the fact gay porn fans KNOW this dude takes cock up the ass easy. Bisexual men like Bo Sinn always over compensate he likes pre op trannies too. Kind of sad this guy doesn’t accept his bisexuality.

      1. I really don’t mind if he’s plus size. He’s handsome and it can be a refreshing change to see a fuller figure…but it’s ridiculous to try and hide by keeping his clothes on. If he’s “overweight”, then fine, but don’t pretend not to be. You can’t be embarrassed as a porn star to be naked.

        He can’t have his cock, I mean cake and eat it too. If you do porn, you take your clothes off, no matter what you look like underneath them.

      2. So Ryan Bones is fat… Toxic people aren’t Bo Sinn or Johnny Rapid, it’s people like you and all the other spoilt princesses spreading hate and shame.

    2. I hope he stays away from gay porn. We don’t need his ugly ass anymore. There are tons of G4P stars that are at least nice to look at. Bo is not a good performer and it’s disgusting physically speaking, so he brings NOTHING to the table.

  3. When is Bo Sinn going to get fucked by a Black man? Malik Delgarty is an improvement than Alex Mecum though. Bo obviously been fucked by tons of men off camera in Montreal. I would love to see Trent King massive Black cock up Bo Sinn white ass.

    1. That is something that’s always made me laugh about Bo. When he’s topping and is getting filmed from behind, his hole does look blasted…and yet, it’s only now and twice that he’s bottomed on camera.

    2. I’m sorry but Malik isn’t an improvement from Alex. Malik is stiff and dull. It’s like watching someone asleep while fucking.

  4. I wonder whether Malik Delgaty doesn’t speak English. He is probably Quebecois and only French-speaking. The few words he said in this video while pouring oil on Bo’s ass sounded like he has a thick accent. Especially when he said the word massage.

    1. Very possible. So many of the former Stockbar dancers/French Canadian “gay” porn stars either have very bad English, or none. Some of them make me believe are being exploited, because they’re almost entirely all straight, have no chemistry in their scenes and look like they’d rather be anywhere else and doing anything else.

      I’m not sure who runs it, but Stockbar does pimp its dancers out to porn.

  5. It’s a rubbish scene, mostly because of Delgaty.

    He’s his usual blank, robot sex doll self. No charisma, no engagement. That said, it also suffers because of lazy camera angles. Bo Sinn’s only real attractive feature is that big dick, so it should be bouncing around on camera as often as possible while he’s being fucked.

  6. Bo is hideous as a top or a bottom. It doesn’t really matter. The only okay part about him is his dick, and he can’t even get hard while getting fucked so…

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