Just Rocky & Dylan this time

Corbin Fisher is now known for filming the same guys more than once in a short period of time due to its low talent pool.

Rocky & Dylan first had two bisexual scenes with Rocky as the bottom in the first one. It was in the same room but with a different woman.

Then, the two were in a threesome with Jared.

Now, it’s just the two of them in the latest update at Corbin Fisher.


  1. HermanCee

    I am absolutely crazy about Dylan. Every time I see him it’s like a holiday.

    • Gazaaq

      Oh No! I think he is really generic looking and dull. His performances are lacking, but glad you like him.

  2. Pavel Ford

    ME TOO. I think he is perfect looking. I hear guys talking about him being straight or not gay enough…. Every time I see a scene with him he looks 100 % Engaged.
    His cock is usually hard while being fucked. And acting or not, seems to like sucking cock and kissing boys.

    • Gazzaq

      Pavel Pal are we talking the same person here, as this performer Dylan performance are limited and he not the best looker in my opinion, and I have watch a shed load of Porn over the years. if you like him though fair enough.

  3. Bluelips

    I’m going crazy over Rocky tan lines

    • Bo

      Rocky is the bomb and loves to eat cum and he and Dylan look like they may be fuck buddies off camera, but Rocky is probably bi leaning toward gay. Wish someone would clarify that for us.

  4. Gazzaq

    I am completely underwhelm by this pair and the video not the best. i am not fan of Dylan looks, Yep he has tight body, but all of his performance which are lacking and throughout the scene he kept on panting like he was giving birth. And what is going with Rocky is he on crack or something? I am being serious as in my area there are number of addicts that have that same kind of gaunt look!. Yeah very mediocre which is pity as they need few of the oldies like Dawson et all to give a kick up up their asses ass in order to get them to have a lot more energy!

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