No updates at Beefcake Hunter, possibly for weeks (tip @ Gazzaq)

Beefcake Hunter put out an important announcement on their main page that the owner of the site suffered a terrible accident. As a result, the next update might take weeks.

Dear Hunters, while trying to create content and deliver for the BCH fans, Vic suffered a terrible accident, from which he is still recovering, hence the delayed update last week and possibly the following weeks. We appreciate your support, patience, and prayers in these difficult times. You will be informed as soon as there is an update on Vic’s health and when the weekly updates will resume. Again, Vic is very grateful for your appreciation and support, and he desires nothing more than to continue to deliver for the BCH family. Thanks!

Beefcake Hunter does not film in advance?

Do current members get their membership extended?

8 thoughts on “No updates at Beefcake Hunter, possibly for weeks (tip @ Gazzaq)

  1. That what I said on his twt page in that this sounds vague that Vic had a terrible accident! What does that mean, what actually happening? Did one of his models turn on him? Now Vic is out of action, can get another person assist him with the Beefcakes to improve the content. Seeing him all the time is challenging!

  2. Yikes, my prediction last week of his possible demise was not meant to be taken seriously! Maybe it was just a simple “trip and fall”.

  3. We still being charged monthly. Are we having an extension? We are terrible sorry for what happened but Business is business

    1. Best cancel your subs until he returns and demand a refund, Simple as man, as you stated ‘Business is Business’. Check his twitter out for updates on his progress, I can’t cause I am blocked lol!

  4. Cancel your subs quick time mate, as he is still collecting your hard earned cash. Then demand a refund.

    Business is business and check out his Twitter Page for updates. I cant as I am blocked lol!

  5. I was blocked from BCH Twitter page for suggesting he extend current subscriptions for however long it takes from him or someone to upload new content so if no new scenes for a month, all of his current subscribers should be extended for a month. I was blocked for making that suggestion. I have been a member or BCH for years. Luckily I let my membership lapse last month. I know for a fact that Vic or someone who works for him is a scammer. First they said late update due to technical difficulties then the next week the so-called accident. Not to mention the unauthorized charges trying to go through on the credit card I use to pay my subscription to his site. All of the charges were declined because I keep my card locked. Vic used to work at a bank so I know it was him.

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