Bryan Ockert to focus his attention on

Porn site owner, Bryan Ockert, sold Chaos Men this year.

He is now dedicating his time to Peep Show, a site he launched in 2019 that had a format similar to Only Fans.

There are changes at Peep Show that could make it look like the old Chaos Men in the weeks to come.

A message from Bryan sent to his affiliates. is a curated collection of amateur/homemade porn with a mix of pro video for good measure. Currently it is mostly based on guys, since that is my audience. I am hoping to include video for as wide an audience as possible.

I will be focusing all my attention on, so look for more updates and content that I will be helping to coordinate, shoot, and possibly appear in!

I just returned from Seattle and Vegas with 9 videos. All but one are full sex scenes! I plan to ramp-up to 3 releases a week.

8 thoughts on “Bryan Ockert to focus his attention on

  1. So, he sold out a brand that, although it wasn’t what it was; was still his baby and that he put massive effort into…in favour of what looks to be utter trash?

    Solos and straight sex with strap-ons? What the fuck is he thinking?

    What an absolute sell-out in every respect, who I no longer have any respect for.

    A gay man, going from an exclusively gay website, to a focus of chicks with strap-on dicks…wanker.

    1. The current content certainly isn’t my cup of tea, but I’ll wait for the new content before I pass judgment.

      1. If it’s your site and with Bryan, when you have 20-years experience…there’s no excuse for a SINGLE bad video. His premise is wrong, HE’S wrong, this entire site is wrong.

        He’s embarrassing himself by not having just retired to Florida like Jake Cruise.

        1. There are a lot more guy-on-guy scenes than there are strap-on scenes, but more solos than anything else, and most of it produced by the ‘models’ rather than by Bryan, as far as I can tell. I’m GUESSING there will be more Bryan-produced content in the future, but I don’t thine the site will be ChaosMen 2.0.

        2. Better off retiring to a state with a sane governor who doesn’t have a death wish fir his constituency

  2. Hell0-

    I am a tad confused. i thought Bryan sold Chaos Men because he was going to retire from the biz. but
    that’s apparently not the case. so why did he sell CM?

    1. Money. They’ll have offered him money for the brand name he created, so they can ride on the back of that, with terrible content…which they’ve already started putting out. Bryan sold out.

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