POLL Hottest model of 2014 (CM vs CF vs NDM vs RB vs SC)

According to your votes (CM, CF, NDM, RB & SC polls), here are the nominees for the hottest guy of 2014.

Hottestmode_2014_10 Hottestmode_2014_11 Hottestmode_2014_12 
Hottestmode_2014_07 Hottestmode_2014_08 Hottestmode_2014_09 
Hottestmode_2014_04 Hottestmode_2014_05 Hottestmode_2014_06 
Hottestmode_2014_01 Hottestmode_2014_02 Hottestmode_2014_03 
Hottestmode_2014_13 Hottestmode_2014_14 Hottestmode_2014_15 

The poll will close one minute before Jan 01, 2015.