47 thoughts on “POLL Hottest model of 2014 (CM vs CF vs NDM vs RB vs SC)

  1. I can see why they are the finalists. Everyone of them looks hot. I voted for my favorite: Dean, followed closely by Colt, Allen and Enrique. Dean not only looks hot, he is an awesome performer.

  2. ALL deserve a “Tipping of the Hat”,..just for having the guts and balls to drop their pants and reveal two of the most private parts of the human anatomy.
    I’ve never met or had sex with any of these guys…and therefore has to depend on the pupil/iris/retina of my EYES…to be the JUDGE,…and CF-COLT came out on top. LOL!!
    THANK YOU – DENZ …. for having this POLL,..for it made MenOfPorn the blog to visit daily to check on my voting status. “BIG SMILES”!!
    ” Happy New Year – DENZ ” !! …. and thank you as always for the privilege to participate and enjoy M.O.P. Looking forward to an exciting 2015.

  3. ABSOLUTELY loving this feature on Men of Porn and hope Denz makes its a yearly thing!
    Audience participation is the BEST!

  4. I voted for Colt but I have to disagree with you guys on Griffin. I have never been a fan of Dean from SC, but rewatched some of Griffin’s stuff and the guy is another Vander or Brenner in that he does it all and doesn’t miss a beat. Every one of his videos is super sexy, but I still give the edge to unfuckingbelievably cute Colt and his super talents.

  5. there were in the original nominations from individual studios, all of which took votes for quite awhile. people picked who they picked….

  6. I like these kind of lists. But the list becomes a little funny/strange, when you mix “full contact scene”-models with the one´s who has only done casting solos. It´s rather hard to compare models then.

  7. SC Dean and CM Griffin are ahead of CF Colt at this writing. I’d say a bunch of guys don’t know hot gay porn when they see it. Whether Colt tops or bottoms, fucks gay or straight, he ain’t afraid of anything … he absoultely sizzles at kissing, rimming, sucking, and fucking … he’s scorching hot … he is mouthwateringly, dicktwitchingly the hottest new guy in gay porn this year bar none. All the others are also-rans in my book.

  8. Interesting how so many posters think their choice for #1 represents some kind of objective truth and not just their individual favorite. We all see the world through our own eyes filtered by our own fantasies and biases. I voted for Dean because I dig the guy and he is an awesome performer. I could almost as easily have voted for Colt for the same reasons.

  9. Well put. What is interesting is the diversity in likes in the sample who respond by clicking on their choice in the poll. The world would be pretty boring if everyone preferred the same thing/person.

  10. @DENZ: It seems like someone or some few are fucking with the voting. Or what do you think accounts for Elijah getting about 100 votes in the same few hours all the other models have been making way more modest increases? I got nothing against Elijah, I just smell a rat. What say you???????

  11. I can’t do anything about it. The poll relies on cookies that can be manipulated by someone who has time in his hands.
    I was hoping everyone will play fair since it’s porn and no prizes.
    If it’s true, he took the fun out of it.

  12. No question. Three guys who were barely on the radar before are now running away with it? Not possible. Too bad. This was a fun little diversion until representatives from ChaosMen and Randy Blue fashioned a little scheme to get their highly-forgettables some free advertising. Done looking at this poll, but thanks so much for the cool idea, Denz.

  13. Yeah, it appears that some one from Randy Blue is stuffing the ballot box and cheating. I recommend that next time you do this, set up something similar to American Idol, where you pay to vote. Money goes to Denz or his favorite charity, and those that want to vote can as many times as they want but it costs them a $1 for each vote. Great way to raise charity cash, but then there is no pretense this is one person, one vote. Unless there is another fool proof way to cast votes, not sure how you stop something like what has been happening. Btw , my vote goes to Griffin.

  14. Someone is defiantly spoiling the ballot.
    There is no way the Elijah Alexandrov has over 550 votes when all he has done is one wank. And there is no way Palmer should have over 400 votes whilst Griffin only has 230, when Griffin had more than double the number of Palmer in the original poll.
    Next time make someone submit the email address and confirm it to vote. Some people will have more than one address, which means they can cheat and cast more than one vote. But it is unlikely someone will have the hundreds needed to really skew the vote. If people are made to pay, no one will vote, plus that wouldn’t stop one person from altering the vote as they would just have to pay more to vote more.

  15. I’d take Palmer and Elijah Alexandrov out of the poll all together.
    meaning the race is on between SC Dean and CM Griffin.

  16. @DENZ: I’m sorry that someone or few have tried to ruin a fun thing. I think RAZ’ suggestion to take Elijah and Palmer out of the voting is an excellent one. Their vote tallies are clearly bogus. In the same time frame that Dean increased by 109 votes, Griffin increased by 121 votes, Colt increased by 33 votes – Elijah increased by 346 votes and Palmer increased by 391 votes. At least the spoilers were dumb enough to make it so obvious that the vote was rigged. It does look like the three most popular guys are Dean, Griffin and Colt.

  17. Yeah, I was surpassed just checking back now to see where people stand–I voted for Griffin.
    I know there are some who think there is some grand plan to rig the vote, but maybe it’s as simple as Palmer and Elijah asking their friends and fans to come and vote for them?

  18. Colt used to be hot. Lately, his face is getting bigger and bigger. It seems like he took whey protein too much.

  19. To say the results are disappointing would be an understatement. From where I sit, this whole process has turned into a sham … tsk tsk.

  20. That’s apparently what happened with Tayte Hansen in the weekly Manhunt vote. His fans tipped it in his favour for weeks on end. Unfortunately, these polls are not very representative for such reasons. But the comments are interesting.

  21. Your explanation is way too charitable. I doubt they have 400-500 fans who in a day or two catapult them from meager showings to WAY over the top. Griffin now has 617 votes and Elijah has 578 while Dean has 390, Griffin has 337 and Colt has 236. This is someone or some few fucking with the voting.

  22. Putting aside the many obviously bogus votes, the poll does show that Dean, Griffin, Colt and Enrique have quite a few fans.

  23. Recently in the same time span that Griffin gained 3 votes, Palmer 1 vote, Colt 7 votes, Elijah 2 votes, Enrique 4 votes, Dean has gained 88 votes. It looks like some Dean fan is now fucking with the tally. So it goes. It may be, that of all the leading vote getters, only Colt’s tally is an honest one.


  25. DENZ: I know this isn’t my blog. However, I hereby declare Griffin the winner with 483 votes and Colt a strong 2nd place with 346 and an honorable mention to Enrique with 212 votes. Of all of the high vote getters, their tallies are most likely the only legitimate ones.

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